Tackle Complexity With
PeopleSoft ERP Integration

Synchronize operations and simplify management by integrating PeopleSoft ERP with any application part of your business.

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Eliminate Your Growth Bottlenecks With PeopleSoft Integration

While you address the most complex business problems with PeopleSoft, make sure all your endpoints are connected to stay agile and ahead.

Integrating Peoplesoft ERP System with eCommerce

Connect your central database and your eCommerce channels with PeopleSoft and ensure optimal synchronization to and forth.

Peoplesoft eCommerce Integration

Integrating Peoplesoft ERP System with CRM

When all the necessary information is at the touch of a keyboard, make the sales process fast and easy for the team to implement it.

inform erp integration with sales management software

Integrating Peoplesoft ERP System with SCM

Gain total control of the orders’ funnel and the supply chain management leading to better customer experience with PeopleSoft CRM Integration.


Integrating Peoplesoft ERP System with Marketplace

Selling in multiple marketplaces? Integrate them all with PeopleSoft ERP to reduce manual data entry time and eliminate entry errors.


Integrate Peoplesoft ERP System with Third-Party Software

Streamline your backend process by integrating your key applications. DCKAP Integrator connects your PeopleSoft ERP with any software part of your business functions, using the software’s native API or with a custom-made DCKAP Integrator API if needed.

Other Software

Key PeopleSoft ERP Data Points to Integrate

Alongside higher productivity and benefits, you can also gain the advantage of your competition by ensuring these data points are integrated with PeopleSoft ERP. With DCKAP Integrator pre-built connectors, me sync in a whisker.


  • One-click quotes
  • Item suggestions
  • Warranty Claims management
  • Track deliveries


  • Customizable dashboards 
  • Pre-built templates
  • Real-time metrics
  • Multi-channel output


  • Quotes 
  • Product Configuration 
  • Product Availability

Financial Data

  • Accounts payable 
  • Credit limit checks
  • Financial Reports


  • Real-time inventory 
  • Smart inventory
  • Demand Management 
  • Customer Demand

Customer Data

  • Contact Information
  • Purchase History
  • Shipping & Billing Address

DCKAP Integrator Specializes in Peoplesoft ERP Integration

DCKAP Integrator iPaaS has all-encompassing integration features for setting up a full-fledged synchronization.

Pre-Built Connectors

DCKAP Integrator offers connectors to integrate your Peoplesoft ERP with any other application.

Hybrid Integration Platform

Connect multiple applications whether on cloud, on-premise, hybrid or embedded, without any hassles.

Cutting Edge User Interface

DCKAP Integrator platform provides you best-in-class UI and UX, with drag and drop features and minimal coding effort.

Flow Designer

An easy pseudo-code based interface for setting up and deploying your Peoplesoft ERP integrations.

Advanced Mapping & Modifiers

A comprehensive module to set up complex data transfer and field connection logic in no time.

Reporting & Analytics

A complete tool to measure and analyze the number of transactions, successful and failed ones, as well as comparison graphs.

Detailed Logger

Track every data transfer coupled with step-by-step debugging in case of failed transactions.

Flexible Scheduler

Schedule the timing & frequency for your systems to communicate or set it up to synchronize data in real-time.

Completely Secure Platform

DCKAP Integrator – A GDPR compliant platform ensures complete security of your data through encrypted transactions and SSL certifications.

Oracle PeopleSoft Integration:
Tailor-made, Swift And Secure

Using any of these applications? Bring them all together to work smarter
and scale quicker letting DCKAP Integrator connect with your PeopleSoft ERP.

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For small businesses with limited integration needs, beginning to transition from manual or primitive integration solutions to a full-fledged Peoplesoft ERP integration automation solution.


For mid-sized businesses with a considerable amount of integration needs and looking to further improve their workflow efficiencies by synchronizing multiple applications.


For enterprise businesses having advanced integration requirements, handling huge quantum of data and requiring a sophisticated Peoplesoft ERP integration solution.

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