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An Inside Look at the AI Strategy of Tech Company Bridgeline Digital: Guest Blog

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At Bridgeline Digital, we believe in using the latest technology to work smarter, not harder. We focus on leveraging deep learning technology to gain a more insightful understanding of customers and create a self-improving user experience. We keep our goals centered around what we call the e360 strategy: drive traffic, boost conversions, and raise average order value (AOV). We know that AI is critical to delivering fast and tangible results for the e360 strategy. We like to identify solutions that are easy to use, adaptable, and self-managing. In many ways, AI is the perfect means to drive our strategy. AI takes user-data and applies it to fundamental online interactions that positively impact our customer’s entire eCommerce strategy.

Appliance of AI solutions

Before we apply AI solutions to the e360 strategy, we closely examine each of the three goals to identify the best solutions that can help our customers.  Goal One: Drive Traffic The first goal of every Bridgeline customer is to drive the right traffic to their site. Without traffic, the sales funnel becomes nonexistent. Google remains the largest search engine to drive traffic to our customer’s sites, so we’ve moved to identify search engine optimization (SEO) solutions that can help our customers drive traffic from the sea of Google results. With this in mind, we recently welcomed WooRank to the Bridgeline family!  WooRank uses AI to quickly identify the hidden opportunities to improve SEO and create easy, actionable tasks that anyone can tackle. Using AI, WooRank can query a dataset of more than 50 million websites to gain deeper insights into user behavior, consolidated into reports for marketing teams to ingest and use for a hyper-focused strategy. To take this even further, the SEO experts of WooRank just launched DataBravo, which takes a deeper look at over ten years of data to identify critical trends across various market sectors, track technologies across CMS platforms, and discover qualified leads for DataBravo Customers. This AI-driven technology capitalizes on the ability of site data to predict and identify market trends at scale. With AI, customers are alerted to emerging market trends, the latest technologies to capitalize on within their market, and even the deeper context of movement within any subsector of a specific market.

 Goal Two: Boost Conversions  Once a website has a steady flow of traffic, website owners can focus on customer conversion. So, our team began to examine critical factors that can affect conversion on a page. We found that one eCommerce site’s element attracts your most serious shoppers like bees to honey: the search bar. You may be surprised to learn that a search bar is the easiest way to boost conversions. Studies have found that customers who use search bars are twice as likely to make a purchase.   Our Celebros site search tools use AI to make your search bar the online equivalent of the most experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled salesperson on your floor. Like a human salesperson, Celebros AI can learn from interacting with customers to understand which products are the most popular, predict search queries, and make product recommendations based on user trends. Not only does this boost conversions, but it also builds customer loyalty as shoppers who use search bars are more inclined to revisit a site that accurately supplies relevant suggestions. Goal Three: Raise Average Order Value The last goal of the e360 strategy is to raise the AOV. AOVs (Average Order Value) can be a tricky thing to grow. Still, we’ve found that an AI-driven product recommendation strategy is a fantastic way to upsell and increase an order’s size. Using Celebros user-behavior data, the product recommendation tool can identify product grouping trends in orders and begin to make more insightful recommendations. Celebros also has a dynamic merchandising tool that allows for search results to reorganize based on past site visit behavior by specific customers. Merchandisers can promote certain products to precisely who will be interested, all with the power of AI.

AI at Work 

As Bridgeline moves forward to find and develop new solutions through our e360 strategy, we’ve been able to use AI in many ways to assist our customers’ growth and improve the eCommerce experience. From enhancing SEO to creating new conversion opportunities and everything in between, AI is at our solutions’ heart. We know that the possibilities are endless with artificial intelligence, and we can’t wait to share what’s in store!

**We would like to thank Adam for his insightful guest contribution and truly value our partnership with Bridgeline Digital.

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