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NAW Fellow Mike Marks Discusses How AI is Transforming B2B Distribution on the Driven by DCKAP Podcast

Sonia Coleman
April 17, 2024 |
Mike Marks, Founding Partner, Indian River Consulting Group | Driven By DCKAP podcast

The Path for AI to Reshape Distributor Operations and Boost Sales in B2B

Austin, Texas—In the latest episode of the Driven by DCKAP podcast, host Karthik Chidambaram and guest Mike Marks, a leading expert in distribution strategy at Indian River Consulting Group, explore how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning is revolutionizing the distributor landscape. This episode provides insights into the integrating AI technologies to enhance operational efficiency and customer relationships in B2B markets.

Join host Karthik Chidambaram and guest expert Mike Marks on the Driven by DCKAP podcast as they delve into the practical impacts of artificial intelligence in B2B distribution. Marks, a respected distribution strategist from Indian River Consulting Group and an NAW Fellow, shares his firsthand experiences and insights on how AI is reshaping the industry.

Transforming B2B Sales: Leveraging AI for Enhanced Customer Engagement

Throughout the episode, Marks and Chidambaram discuss how AI is significantly changing the way B2B companies operate—from optimizing inventory to personalizing customer interactions. Marks delves into the practical applications of AI that can help distributors increase sales opportunities, foresee industry trends, and adapt swiftly to changing markets.

AI Automates, Predicts and Solves

“AI automates easy things that we used to do, and it does them faster and better. It allows you to predict and solve things instead of having to do everything by yourself. It actually does a lot of the work for you,” said Marks.

Mike Marks’ insights on the Driven by DCKAP podcast reveal how artificial intelligence is able to transform distributor operations and tap into the power of ERP and CRM system capabilities for better outreach and follow up with customers, as well as more informed decision-making. As the industry continues to evolve, embracing these technologies is crucial for companies to stay competitive and innovate to lead.

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