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Behind The Scene Successes In BFCM

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BFCM Strategies to Increase Sales 100%

Our latest DCKAP eSession on January 12, 2021 began with a presentation from Bharat Vignesh, Magento Commerce Full Stack Developer here at DCKAP. Bharat spoke specifically about a case study involving one of our eCommerce clients during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday holidays in 2020. He discussed our team’s example strategy for the BFCM holidays in greater detail. Then, he took us behind the scenes of the case study, showing us how DCKAP helped the client to prepare and how we worked to increase the performance of their website prior to the rush of holiday shoppers. BFCM ShoppersIn order to help them succeed, DCKAP provided the client with 24/7 support, continuous site monitoring during peak hours, working hard to reduce load times with image optimization, and much more. Putting together a comprehensive plan, DCKAP was able to strategically execute on all of the client’s expectations. Bharat highlights this and goes further in depth on some of the more technical things that were involved in the process, such as JS bundling, with the importance of Lazy Load, and illustrating some of the other pain points that our team helped to solve. Ultimately, through our team’s dedicated service and the support of our hosting partner Nexcess, we were able to help the client achieve 100% results in their sales!

You can watch the full presentation with Bharat here:

Helping Our Merchants Achieve Success During BFCM

Gary Smith

, Strategic Partner Development Manager from Nexcess, came on next and started out by telling us more about their hosting products. He then discussed how they specifically supported our shared client and how Nexcess played a pivotal role in helping them to achieve 100% success during BFCM 2020. Gary emphasized the achievements that we accomplished together as partners, showing how a hosting company and an agency can work together successfully and with the best interest of the client in mind.

Nexcess offers a broad array of hosting products, and Gary provided some further insight into this and specifically the benefit of their Magento support, as this was the platform used by the client. Touching more upon the difficult situation that Bharat spoke of in regards to holiday readiness, Gary goes on to further emphasize the difficulty the client was facing with the upcoming BFCM season. The clients were concerned most with the speed of migration, as well as the overall capacity and support levels from the host, being able to handle the expected high levels of traffic.

The solution was in offering best-in-class Magento support from both DCKAP and Nexcess, performance optimization, and the speed of being able to complete their migration in only a few days as opposed to weeks. “Both companies were able to help this customer get to the finish line. And we were able to do it, in this case, really fast,” according to Gary. “Normally the quote and build for a cluster like this is in the neighborhood of two weeks.”

Not only did this quick turnaround allow for a smooth transition, but it also enabled the team to focus on other important tasks that would eventually lead to a return of 100% in sales over the previous year, as well as additional ways to improve. “After we deployed it,” Gary explained, “we were able to take another look within a month or so and do some things to improve their performance even further, which adds up to those results.”

You can watch the complete session with Gary here:

How to Win Black Friday Cyber Monday 2021!

After both presentations, Gary invited Bharat back into the discussion, for some further details on how the client is doing and their thoughts after looking back now that the new year has started. The merchant continues to grow, and DCKAP and Nexcess continue to provide essential support, with plenty of options for even further scalability. In talking about their continued growth, Bharat points out the additional capabilities for that due to their successful migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Now, with the right infrastructure in place, the best support and continuous scalability, we can see that the client is reaping the many benefits and will be well prepared for BFCM 2021.

The first question merchants should be asking themselves early in 2021 is – how early is it, really? How long have I really got before my peak time?”

Before closing out the eSession, things began to wind down with some further questions from other audience members. When asked about holiday readiness for 2021 in particular, Gary offered viewers some sound advice. In it, he shared a story from his experience that highlights the uncertainty of business plans, especially when it comes to your eCommerce website.

Even though we’re just starting the new year, as this case study shows, preparedness is pivotal to success. Merchants should expect that timelines may get pushed up, things can change and the pace may hasten, so being ready ahead of time is the best course of action to take to ensure successful results.

“The key to that is, understanding how long you really have. Start really building the timeline for your project now.

And you can watch the full Q&A Session following Bharat and Gary’s presentations here:


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