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Magento Enterprise Upgrade and SAP Magento Integration – A Success Story

Tamizh Selvan
June 4, 2015 |

Upgrading Magento Enterprise bought with it a whole suite of advanced features along with security enhancements. Migrate to Magento 2 and make your online business better

One of our clients, a leading sports manufacturer in the US, was keen on improving their web presence. They required a high performing website combined with great customer experience.  In addition, Magento had reported a few vulnerabilities and had released patches to resolve them. On the payment front, it needed some fine tuning on PCI compliance rules based on recommendations from PCI DSS.

After an analysis/discussion with the client and internal team, it was decided that an upgrade would be a better solution rather than applying patches or fine tuning.

SAP Magento Integration

The client had a Magento Enterprise system that was integrated with an SAP ERP.  Critical data which includes inventory, tax calculations, etc. were flowing back and forth between the two systems.

SAP also informed that the RFC connector that connected Magento Enterprise System will be discontinued in the future versions. This necessitated a need for implementing a new web service. The solution had to be seamless and in no way affect the experience of the customer.

Global Delivery Process – Follow the Sun Model

An Account Manager who had built extensive relationship with the client was assigned to ensure that the upgrade was delivered with precision. An onsite and offshore team with deep domain and technical expertise was formed.

An expert team was assigned to work in client’s location in the US. This team absorbed the client’s culture, operational processes, challenges and business goals. The onsite team worked closely with the offshore team along with the Account Manager.

By investing in this Global Delivery Process, we were able to build a strong client relationship, better communication with offshore team, and tightly managed projects that were in alignment with client’s business needs.

  • PCI Compliance – The payment and the PCI compliance process was analyzed.  A third party Payments Integration Security provider was suggested. 

Further analysis was done on the payment options and an appropriate tokenization solution was implemented. This solution will return back a ‘Credit Card Token’ on submission of Original Credit Card number.  Implementing the new Payments Integration Security Solution made the client’s website PCI compliant.

  • Magento Upgrade – The existing Ecommerce store had Magento enterprise version. This version had a few vulnerabilities.  Magento had released security patches to fix this. 

Instead of just applying patches, it was recommended to upgrade to the latest Magento Enterprise version ( Upgrading Magento Enterprise bought with it a whole suite of advanced features along with security enhancements.

SAP Magento Integration This integration was of business importance as a lot of critical transactional data flowed between the 2 systems.   The implementation of the new web service was carried out seamlessly such that none of the transactions were affected during the transition from the old connector to the latest web service. 

The challenge of Magento Enterprise Upgrade, PCI Compliance, and customizing connector was executed seamlessly.

  •            The client eCommerce store is PCI Complaint.
  •            Security vulnerabilities eliminated after Magento Enterprise upgrade,
  •            Advanced features like Visual Merchandizing available now
  •            Re-indexing performance improved by 100%.
  •            Support for responsive design in future.
Tamizh Selvan

Tamizh Selvan heads the marketing efforts for DCKAP and its brands. He manages its content marketing and blog. He is a bibliophile and a cinephile. He can be found browsing at any one of the popular bookshops in Chennai during the weekends or watching movies at home.

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