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How to integrate Epicor Eclipse and Adobe Commerce (Magento 2)?

Jothibasu J
December 1, 2022 |
Epicor Eclipse and Adobe Commerce

Are you using Epicor Eclipse and Adobe Commerce for your eCommerce and ERP systems? Do you know the accuracy and speed of your Magento Epicor Eclipse Integration plays a major role in the success of your online business? In this article, we’ve outlined the impact of how ERP Integration saves your time and money and how it helps your business growth overall.

Minimum Requirements for Epicor Eclipse and Adobe Commerce Integration

Let’s take a quick look into the minimum requirements for Magento Epicor Eclipse Integration API services.

Magento 2

  • Your store must be running on Magento 2 Edition.
  • Oauth credentials (consumer key, consumer secret … etc)

How to get OAuth credentials in Magento 2 Admin

  • Go to Magento 2 Admin -> System -> Integration -> Add New Integration
  • After providing the required information you can get the following informations. Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access Token, Access Token Secret as shared in the below screenshot.

How to generate token in Epicor Eclipse

    • We should pass the following information to the below xml string payload to generate Token.
    • Required Information: Security_loginid, Security_password etc…

Security_loginid = “your details”
Security_password = “your details”

Below is an example xml string payload to generate token in the ERP system.
payload = "




Note: please refer to the Epicor Eclipse document for more details on the loginSubmit payload.

We use the Python requests library to generate tokens through the requests method.
For example,
token = requests_post(tokenURL, data=payload)
tokenURL = Eclipse token generation url

Magento 2 Customer with Epicor Eclipse Entity, Contact

When a new account has signed up in Magento2 the Customer information will be synchronized automatically within a particular time interval to Epicor Eclipse Entity

Example Entity, Contact Payload for ERP




998 Fairway Dr



Note: Please check the Epicor Eclipse doc for more details on the EntityNewSubmit payload.

For example, we use python to post payload through the requests method.
Entity = requests_post(“EntityNewSubmitURL”, data=payload)
You can get all the details in the response after successful submission.

Mapping Fields

Hope this blog gives you an overall insight into Magento Epicor Eclipse integration. Likewise, you can integrate orders, products, dynamic prices, inventory, etc.

What to anticipate post an integration

The integration approach gives businesses the ability to foresee change and meet changing in client demand in order to maximize productivity. Features and major advantages consist of:

  • B2B and B2C support are provided by the eCommerce connection, which is based on Adobe Commerce.
  • Business intelligence – The dashboard and insight citing features of Epicor give you the tools you need to collect and manage business data sources that is relevant and useful.
  • Financial Management – This section streamlines business accounting and makes it simple to track your company’s revenue, expenses, and more sophisticated indicators.
  • Supply Chain Management: You can control your purchases and inventory management from one central database. Dynamic Demand Forecasting offers a more precise estimation of the amount of inventory required for scalability and significant growth.
  • With the help of these tool, you may enhance your revenues by figuring out how and where to profit more from less price-sensitive transactions.

An omni-channel strategy was required to be implemented, so one of the biggest plumbing and heating supply stores in New Jersey required a scalable eCommerce platform and strong integration platform..

Mapping Fields

Hope this blog gives you an overall insight into Adobe Commerce and Epicor Eclipse integration. Likewise, you can integrate orders, products as well as product information, dynamic prices, inventory, etc… Stay subscribed to learn more about our other integrations solution and customer experience.

DCKAP Integrator – Your iPaaS for ERP eCommerce Integration

An iPaaS solution, DCKAP Integrator can integrate any number of business applications like ERP & eCommerce with one another and automate data transfer between them.

Having all features that an enterprise integration platform must provide, DCKAP Integrator stands out by helping businesses across the globe scale up their revenues and streamline processes through ERP eCommerce integration.

Moreover, DCKAP Integrator encompasses all considerations like security, support, and much more, that you have just read.

A Simple 3-Step Integration Process Using DCKAP Integrator

It’s just a simple 3-step process to integrate applications with DCKAP Integrator. Just set the integration in no time and leave the rest to DCKAP Integrator.

  • Provide required credentials for accessing APIs and set up integration pipes.
  • Define the integration flow through flow builder, mapping, and modifiers. You can customize your integration to any extent using DCKAP Integrator.
  • Set up the data synchronization schedule or set it to sync real-time as you wish

DCKAP Integrator has pre-built integration solutions for several ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Netsuite, Epicor (Eclipse & P21), SAP Business One, DDI Inform, Infor, Sage, Distribution One, Acumatica, to name a few.

DCKAP Integrator, a platform-agnostic solution, can easily integrate top eCommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, etc. Being a seamless integration platform, it eliminates any scope for manual error, taking your eCommerce venture to whole new heights with complete data automation.

As the eCommerce landscape is constantly changing, your online storefront should be optimized to keep up with the ever-growing customer expectations. The right ERP eCommerce integration is all that you need to improve your efficiency in elevating your business operations.

We, at DCKAP, offer seamless integration between the ERP system and your eCommerce platform. With 15+ years of experience in the digital commerce arena, our team of experts can aid you in aligning your eCommerce website with cutting-edge integration solutions. Get in touch with us to know more about our eCommerce development and integration services or sign up for a free 90-day trial.

About Adobe Commerce

Magento, now Adobe Commerce, is the world’s leading Multi-Channel Enterprise Commerce that empowers thousands of retailers and brands with the best eCommerce platforms and flexible cloud solutions to rapidly innovate and grow. It’s the only eCommerce platform to integrate both B2B and B2C experiences. Being part of the Adobe Experience Cloud, now the entire journey from content creation and analytics to marketing and commerce is integrated into one cloud platform.

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About Epicor Eclipse

Epicor Eclipse is one among the leading distribution ERP software solution which offers powerful capabilities for wholesalers in the electric, plumbing/PVF, and HVAC industries. An ERP developed exclusively for these businesses is continually improved with a focus to make it easier for the customers to grow their distributorships. Today, the Eclipse system supports more than 750 wholesale distribution customers globally.

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