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Meet Magento 2022 – Elevating the Ecommerce Experience

Nickolas Hight
November 8, 2022 |
Meet Magento 2022 - New York

This year, Meet Magento 2022 in New York City invited an incredible opportunity for attendees to immerse themselves in the presence of many people in the Adobe community, with partners and like-minded members of the ecommerce world. In my time at this event, I had the chance to listen to leaders and innovators such as Alex Teller (CEO of Home Perfect) and Ritesh Somani (Principal Product Manager of Adobe Commerce) speak on a variety of topics, all relating to the many ways that we all intend to improve and develop the ecommerce experience.

Meet Magento 2022
Alex Teller, CEO from Home Perfect, delivering a presentation discussing some of the operational components of running his company and how the Adobe products and community have contributed to the simplification and success of his business.

Meet Magento 2022

In the larger picture, Meet Magento provides an opportunity for members of the Adobe community to meet and build meaningful relationships, all with the prospective goal of growing the vast world of ecommerce. As ecommerce has been expanding, Adobe Commerce has risen to the ongoing challenges and embraced the user’s need for more refined shopping experience. In finer detail, this event provides a space for some of the brilliant minds within the community to come together and share, with the intent of improving every angle of business and development in the ecommerce space.

Throughout the day, attendees had the opportunity to attend several discussion rooms that covered topics relevant to three specific tracks: technology, business, and solutions. Within each of these tracks, speakers put together brief presentations that spoke on specific subjects relevant to each track.

The first presentation I sat in on was delivered by Marion Freijsen and Ray Bogman, and it covered the topic of, “Composable Ecommerce and its impact on your Organization.” In this brilliantly executed presentation, some of the key takeaways related to the meaning and impact of composable ecommerce, including:

  • Understanding MACH (micro-services, API, Cloud, and Headless) and what the importance of each of these components to an ecommerce business are will greatly contribute to the success of that business.
  • Composable is good, modular is better – understand and operate each component of MACH as their own, and then systemize them together to see the best success.
  • The key benefits to operating a modular system are: flexibility, extensibility, faster time to market, and lower TCO.
Meet magento 2022

Networking and Growth

This event provided a plethora of opportunities for networking. I had the pleasure to speak to many brilliant individuals that provided so much insight to the world of ecommerce, each from their own level of expertise. Below are just a few of the wonderful individuals I had the chance to meet and speak with at the event: 

Each of these incredible people spent time with me and shared their knowledge, familiarizing me with the many ways each of their companies operate in the ecommerce industry. Although each unique in their own way, it was exciting to hear and see that the overall message was improving customer experience.

It is opportunities like this that must be taken advantage of, because without them the very space we operate in loses its best attribute, and that is the element of interaction with the intent to improve experience.

Needless to say, Meet Magento 2022 was an incredible experience, and I look forward to staying in touch with and continuing to collaborate with the many wonderful people that I met.

Nickolas Hight

Nickolas is devoted to developing DCKAP's technology partner relationships and growing his skills as a Technology Partner Executive. Having previously attended Texas A&M University, he will graduate from the University of North Texas in the fall of 2022. His interests in technology and interpersonal relationship development have led him to discover his way in the field of technology and eCommerce.

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