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SAP Magento Integration – Benefits

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SAP is the best-of-breed enterprise software that provides end-to-end solutions for financials, logistics, manufacturing, distribution etc. Magento is a high performance eCommerce solution for fast-growing and large businesses. When SAP and Magento are integrated together, it is possible to bring the power of these applications to your distributors, dealers, customers, and sales.

Why do we need to Integrate SAP and Magento ?

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Listed below are some of the immediate, tangible benefits of SAP Magento integration. What is left unsaid is the improved and enhanced customer experience in each of the touch points.

Benefits of Real time Integration between SAP and Magento
  1. Stocks are synced in real time into web inventory.

Benefit – Eliminates ‘out-of-stock’ scenario.

2. SAP Magento integrated shopping cart and checkout process ensures that freight and tax calculations are executed as transactions are processed, in real time.

Benefit – Eliminates errors or data inconsistencies.

3. New products created in Magento will be synced to SAP.

Benefit – Eliminates discrepancies in data.

4. Special Prices or discounts made in SAP will be immediately reflected in your Magento store. Similarly, discounts made in the Magento Store are taken into account in SAP and reflected on the sales order.

Benefit –Tight integration enables to promote and increase sales.

5. The orders are processed quickly by feeding the web order data directly to back office SAP.

Benefit – This leads to smooth and seamless order fulfilment.

6. The price changes in SAP will immediately be reflected in Magento Store.

Benefit – Does away with data inconsistency and manual data entry.

7. The order process status will update in web as real time.

Benefit – Reduced order fulfilment cycle time.

8. Contact, billing, and shipping addresses provided by customers in Magento while registering will be synced to SAP.

Benefit – No data inaccuracy and data redundancy.

9. Shipment/delivery status and Shipment Tracking Number generated within SAP updated in Magento.

Benefit – No data inaccuracy and data redundancy. Enhanced customer experience.

10. On-line payment information (Transaction ID) from Magento downloaded to SAP and Offline payments (Check payment) entered in SAP are updated in Magento.

Benefit – Two-way synch reduces redundant data entry.

11. SAP can monitor the guest user purchase.

Benefit – Enables to convert guest buyers into loyal customers.

12. Automates the sales transactions from Magento to SAP.

Benefit – Helps management to get 360 degree view of business at any point of time.

13. Updating the customer on the order status and keeping them informed on each stage of order fulfilment.

Benefit – Improved customer experience.

SAP Magento integration enables B2B and B2C customers to self-service enquiries on-line – meaning fewer phone calls, faxes and emails to manage.

This is just the tip of the iceberg – implementing a two-way integration between SAP and Magento eCommerce platform, means all the information stored in SAP and Magento can be made available to your customers in real-time, on your eCommerce site.

There is no doubt that SAP Magento integration paves the way for improved business efficiency, enhanced speed and accuracy of order processing and a great customer experience.


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