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Maximize efficiency & profitability by delivering a consistent customer experience across sales channels.
DCKAP Integrator is the No. 1 ERP integration platform for distributors.

Simplifying ERP Integration to Maximize Profitability for Distributors

When your ERP is connected to your ecommerce, CRM, PIM or other backend tools, you optimize your time, save money and gain valuable insights you could use to make decisions and create a better customer experience. DCKAP Integrator simplifies ERP integration for distributors by seamlessly syncing data from leading ERP systems such as Epicor Prophet 21, Oracle Netsuite, DDI Inform and more to other vital business processes.

Learn How Premier Safety Utilized DCKAP Integrator to Ditch Manual Data Entry

Today, speed matters. If your team is overworked, forced to run manual interference as they fight to keep product information updated and available, you’ll fall behind.

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Midland Scientific_Magento

Midland Scientific Connected Their Systems & Boosted Efficiency & Growth

Automate workflow, maintain data integrity, gain greater visibility into inventory and reduce errors with DCKAP Integrator.

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Moody Price Improved Their Customer’s Experience Through Better Data

DCKAP Integrator makes your organization nimbler. Built-in templates, drag-and-drop functionality and the intuitive DCKAP Integrator dashboard make getting new solutions online.

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Make your systems work for you with ERP Integration

  • Make data-driven decisions for business growth
  • Improve data accuracy and data management efficiency
  • Save time and labor costs
  • Deliver data when and where it’s needed in real-time
  • Enhance team collaboration and transparency
  • Manage sales funnel and conversion tracking

Centralized Data

DCKAP Integrator makes it simple to have all your data from every system in one easy-to-access location. When your ERP is talking to other systems, you won’t lose time waiting for information to sync.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Gain insights to make data-driven decisions and propel profitability when you integrate your ERP with DCKAP Integrator for an efficient data flow and workflow between departments.

Improved Data Accuracy & Speed

There’s no more manual data entry to sync your ERP with other systems. Make the change in your ERP and the change is immediately reflected throughout.

Better Sales Funnel Optimization

When your ERP is integrated with your CRM, you gain customer insight that allows you to optimize your sales funnel and conversions.

Prioritize Tasks and Goals

DCKAP Integrator eliminates the hassle of customizing product information for dynamic pricing, custom products and more. Make the change in your ERP and let DCKAP Integrator.

Flexibility & Customization

DCKAP Integrator eliminates the hassle of customizing product information for dynamic pricing, custom products and more. Make the change in your ERP and let DCKAP Integrator.

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Multi-Platform Integration

Integrate your ERP with CRM, ecommerce, PIM, and other business applications.

Real-Time Data Synchronization

Instant data synchronization from your ERP to your entire digital ecosystem.

Advanced Mapping & Modifiers

Easy mapping and modifiers for non-technical users so you can integrate all ERP data fields.

Automated Scheduling

Let DCKAP Integrator synchronize data from your ERP to other systems based on the schedule you set.

Advanced Logging

Log and back up every piece of information transferred to and from your ERP automatically, with record keeping made simple.

Secure Transactions

ERP integration transactions are encrypted and secure.