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Midland Scientific

Midland Scientific

Magento 2 Implementation + P21 ERP Integration for Growth Acceleration

About Midland Scientific

Midland Scientific Inc. is a woman-owned, full-line distributor of laboratory products such as chemicals, instrumentation, general lab supplies, glassware, lab consumables, media, measurement equipment, plasticware, reagents, solutions, and much more. They primarily serve the agricultural, educational, food, industrial, and research markets with a sales force that covers the entire United States.

Challenges Faced

With 400K products in its inventory, created in P21 and PIM, and all of them published on their B2B eCommerce platform. They have done many customizations on B2B Seller functionalities over the years, yet they did not get the desired results with their Search function – since users found it difficult to find the required product with specific attributes in it.

Manual Data Entry – When entering information manually, it took up a lot of time, no matter how fast one can type or process information, it never was as fast as it needs to be, leading to data errors and inaccuracy.

P21 Integration Business Requirements

Today’s buyer journey isn’t linear, which pushes brands to extend their eCommerce possibilities and adjust their strategies so they are always ready to not just cater to customers’ needs, but exceed them. After DCKAP built a robust eCommerce store for Midland Scientific, they wanted to integrate ERP and eCommerce for creating a smooth data flow of key business use cases. By doing so, the organization can create satisfying customer experiences and also worry less about data redundancy.

P21 Integration with DCKAP Integrator

Check out the business use cases DCKAP Integrator integrated to combat Midland Scientific’s business problems through advanced integrations to offer hyper-personal shopping experiences that make their customers highly satisfied and more prone to making purchase decisions. And creating a space to work faster and more intelligently, with all the latest data available.

  • Customers Sync: Magento <> P21
  • Products Sync: P21 to Magento
  • Inventory Sync: P21 to Magento
  • Order Sync: Magento to P21
  • Offline Order Sync: P21 to Magento
  • Pricing Sync: P21 to Magento
  • Back Orders Sync: P21 to Magento
  • Restricted Items Sync: P21 to Magento
  • Call To Pricing Sync: P21 to Magento
  • Ship To IDs Sync: P21 <> Magento
  • Standing Orders Sync: P21 to Magento
  • Invoices Sync: P21 <> Magento
  • Sales Rep Sync: P21 to Magento
  • Request Quote Sync: P21 to Magento
  • MSI Van Route (Shipping) Sync: P21 to Magento
  • Dynamic Fetch Customer Sync: P21 to Magento

For P21 Integration with DCKAP Integrator, syncing business data creates many opportunities for business growth. And our integration has been effective in tackling many real-time problems and can be implemented across the organization to power superior growth and intelligent business functioning. Now that all the data is automatically synced across integral business use cases, Midland Scientific can add new APIs faster and quickly make customization.

Also, they can see the log via DCKAP Integrator and resync in case of any error, leaving no space for data mismanagement. Improved workflow to boost productivity and grow the business – now and ever made possible with DCKAP Integrator.




Epicor Prophet 21




Magento & P21

Digital Transformation Of Midland Scientific, Inc.
“ I was testing the interface a couple of minutes ago and you guys did a great job on DCKAP Integrator. It was super easy for me to map that Order Type field on the Magento Order integration."
-- Rodrigo Neves

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