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Magento Live India 2017 – A Blooming Symbiosis

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Magento with all the Magento services is a platform that was alluring and large enough to attract passionate Magento developers, agencies and partners from all over India in one place.

The inaugural Magento Live India (2nd May, 2017) was long overdue and what a show it was. The conference place was buzzing with energy and for many of them, it was the first time they were meeting the leadership team in person (no dearth of selfie sessions).

Here was a platform that was alluring and large enough to attract passionate Magento developers, agencies and partners from all over India in one place.

10 DCKAPians flew in from the office in Chennai to join Magento Live India 2017 in Bengaluru, India, at the Leela Palace Hotel. 

As a precursor to Magento Live India, there was an invite for a Pre #MLIN17 hang out by Ramesh Kumar at the Library Bar at the Leela Palace. Another initiative by a Magento enthusiast.

The Show Begins

The show started with a brief introductory speech by Mark Lenhard, SVP Strategy and Growth at Magento Commerce on the contributions of the Magento Community in India.

There was a proud moment as  Mohan Natarajan , a DCKAP employee, was recognized as one of the top contributors in India.

Mark’s Success Mantras and Magento Investments

In India, e-retail accounts for just 1.7% (as of 2015) of total retail sales. This is both an opportunity and a challenge.  There are tens and thousands of small and medium enterprises who are potential ‘online merchants’.  

Magento’s focus in this meet was the community. Mark Lavelle, wore a kurta (an ethnic Indian dress) and began his address with ‘Namaste India’ (Greetings India).

His keynote addressed the key to ‘success of an organization in today’s world’ and on the investments in the  ‘Magento Community in APAC’.

His success mantras were

  • Be bold with your brand
  • Embrace digital first
  • Build flexibility into business
  • Innovate through human ingenuity

The slide below provides the list of investments in APAC.

  • Sales & Channel
  • Magento U
  • Community Engineering Team

Successful Migrations on Magento

The breakout sessions were great but listing all of them down here will turn out to be just that – a list. 

A couple of business sessions stood out – one was “Successful Migrations on Magento” presented by Ian Kinsella, Senior Director, Sales, APAC, Magento Commerce and Max Yekaterynenko , Director of Community Engineering, Magento Commerce.

Ian and Max presented the best practices and practical tips, and techniques for defining the strategy for Magento 1 to Magento 2 and Community Edition to Enterprise Edition migrations.

magento live india 2017

The session was a great learning experience for project and business managers as it gave them a lot of data points on the average hours to execute standard and complex Magento projects, the costs of standard and complex implementations, the breakdown of efforts in terms of front-end core, customizations, extensions, integrations etc. 

Product, Vision, Technology

The other session was the final address before the wrap up by Jason Woosley by SVP Product and Technology, Magento Commerce.

He gave a bigger picture of Product, Technology, and Vision. A peek into the features and functionalities of Magento B2B, Magento CMS, Magento Shipping, Magento Social, Magento Order Commerce Management and Magento Business Intelligence.

Jason gave a bird’s view of how Magento is building products to fulfill everywhere and engage everywhere.

House Full

Magento probably did not anticipate such a reception and most of the business sessions, which were held in a small room, were always house full and did not even have standing room. Eager learners were watching the proceedings from monitors kept outside the hall.

It was a successful conference, both from Magento and the community’s point of view. Mark’s announcement on Magento Live India,2018 was welcomed by loud cheers.

Magento Contribution Day

Magento has followed up their promise with a couple of Magento Contribution Days where developers can work side by side with Magento core architect on developing features and improvements for the Magento 2 core.

The contribution day happened today (May 3rd) in Bengaluru. If you plan to participate in Contribution Day – Chennai (May 5th)  – Register Here.

Magento and its community share a symbiotic relationship. India has one of the largest community of Magento developers, investing in them will enable both Magento and the community to go the next level.

Thanks Magento for Magento Live India 2017. Looking forward to Magento Live India 2018.


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