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In the Magento stores removing multiple items from the shopping cart could become a tedious and a time-consuming process for the end users. Shoppers,for e.g. at grocery sites, may add multiple SKUs to the cart. Later, the shoppers may need to remove or swap the added items.

In Magento, shoppers cannot select multiple items from the cart and remove it in one go. They have to remove the items one by one. Moreover, the shopping cart refreshes every time an item is removed, becoming an irritant for a seamless shopping experience.

To  address this issue, DCKAP developed a simple but a highly efficient Magento 2 extension – “Multiple Cart Items Delete”. This extension provides more control to the buyers allowing several items to be deleted at once.

Salient Features:

  • Allows the buyer to remove multiple items with a few clicks.

Multiple Cart Items Delete Magento 2

  • If the buyer has added multiple items to the cart but later decides to purchase only a few items, he/she can select the “Delete” option on the top menu bar and deselect the items.  The buyer is spared from repeated deletion.
  • Allows the user to select & delete all the items in the shopping cart in a single click.

Multiple Cart Items Delete Magento 2

  • Supports multiple store views.
  • Page will be refreshed only once during the deletion process

Multiple Cart Items Delete Magento 2

  • Can be used as a developer/testing tool (for removing multiple items in the cart while testing).

Also available for Magento1.x


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