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Defining the DCKAP Work Culture

Srija Santhanam
May 17, 2019 |
DCKAP Work Culture

Culture is the paradigm for any organization, and it is etched in our DNA to work in our own way. Our culture is the collective personality of DCKAP. In the 13 years of our journey in the corporate space with a people-centric outlook, we have cut through the cultural complexity and made it simple.

DCKAP was not born great, but our people and culture evolved us into a great company to work for. Simply put, without our amazing employees, there is no DCKAP.

DCKAP Work Culture

Open Culture

There is a big ‘no’ to shoddy cubicles. Our space is flat and open, where you have an impressive neighborhood to discuss your thoughts every day. “No surprise if you would find your desk next to the CEO.”

Be Yourself

Just be you! We respect it and recognize you. Who you are at work starts with who you are for yourself, and we respect you for yourself. We identify uniqueness in each and every employee. We pride ourselves for encouraging an environment where our employees work in their own way to keep our customers happy.


Trust among employees, clients, and partners is the key value that keeps us thriving. Being transparent, accountable, taking ownership, and providing candid feedback creates a trusted bond in our team.

Collaborative Work

The more we share about what works and what does not, the better we will be able to figure out the solution as a team. The more we share what’s working and what’s not, the better we figure out the solution as a team. We take failure as a learning tool for our successful growth. We make sure everyone is grounded in the shared ambition, be it to do great work or solve a business problem, through which their individual goals are also achieved.DCKAP Work Culture

Community Building

We commit ourselves to the community, and we grow along with the ecosystem, where we thrive. Giving back and growing with the glory of this ecosystem is in the veins of our culture.

Work-life Balance

We strike the perfect balance between work and life, where long weekend email threads are no more. We see achievement and enjoyment as two sides of a coin. Achieving more and partying hard is our way of life.

DCKAP Work Culture

Weekly Voices

The Weekly voices and the DCKAP community forum keep us alive and updated, helping us to set the tone for open, honest, and constructive communication.

Readers are Leaders

We strongly believe in the reading culture. People who read more learn more. We have gone the extra mile of caring for their learning by providing quality books in our library as well as offering Kindle devices to every employee for boosting their overall output.

Srija Santhanam

Srija started her career as generalist cum recruiter. At DCKAP, she is actively involved in employee engagement and community outreach. She manages community engagement at DCKAP including events and meetups. During weekends you can find her busy in the kitchen trying new recipes. She loves combining flavors and feeling accomplished when she cooks something that truly tickles.

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