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World Rhino Day 2021: DCKAP Community Welcomes Two Greater One-Horned Rhinos

September 22, 2021
Sreedevi R
Rhino day 2021

“The only way to save a rhinoceros is to save the environment in which it lives because there’s a mutual dependency between it and millions of other species of both animals and plants.”

– David Attenborough

There is no better quote than the one above to acknowledge the best teachings of life that the

Rhinos impart – 

Of co-existence 

Of sustainability

Of generosity

With Greater One-Horned Rhinos being our mascots, DCKAP has upheld these values in 15+ years of journey, bringing about the essence of life to our brand. On each World Rhino Day (September 22), we never fail to celebrate our mascots, and this year, we celebrated the day in the most special way possible.

Before we share our experience, let’s see why Rhino conservation should be given due importance.

Being listed as vulnerable, Rhinos have continuously been at the receiving end of poaching activities, and the diminishing natural environment is also a huge concern. As Rhinos’ horns were used as folk medicines that were supposed to have healing powers, they were hunted mercilessly drawing them to the point of near extinction. As a result, their population went down to just 200 by the end of the twentieth century. 

Today after successful conversion activities of authorities from India and Nepal that surrounded around Greater One-Horned Rhinos, their population has surged close to 3,700 in the Northeastern parts of India and the Terai grasslands of Nepal.

And on September 22, World Rhino Day, we decided to take a step forward in preserving our mascots.

Meet Ramu and Rhine  – New Members Of The DCKAP Community    

Ramu and Rhine – a lovely pair of Greater One-Horned Rhinos were initially brought from Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad and Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park, Patna, respectively, through the animal exchange program to Arignar Anna Zoological Park (AAZP), where they now graze peacefully.

With the pandemic changing the course of the world and its impact being felt on preserving the Greater One-Horned Rhinos, we supported the AAZP officials in their wonderful conservation activities by adopting Ramu and Rhine for the next six months to give all the care they deserve.

Home to more than 2,452 animals, AAZP is one of the largest zoos in South East Asia. In July, we came to know about the Vandalur zoo adoption program for various animals, where any of their animals can be adopted individually or in groups. Our initiative to adopt Ramu and Rhine started at this juncture. 

On World Rhino Day, our team reached Vandalur Zoo of Arignar Anna Zoological Park and spent the whole day interacting with the officials in getting to know more about their wonderful efforts in wildlife conservation and handed over the cheque to the authorities. 

We visited our Rhinos, Ramu and Rhine post-meeting. It was refreshing and heartwarming to see two active wonderful rhinos, grazing about peacefully. They never leave each other’s side and always wander around together. 

These beautiful moments are sure to stay with us for a long time.  

Concluding Thoughts

By recognizing Greater One-Horned Rhinos as our mascots, DCKAP has been instrumental in contributing our bit to the conservation activities for all Rhino species. As part of our efforts, we have also been actively contributing to Save The Rhino Foundation, and we also extended our initiative to the masses by creating awareness in our P21 Tradeshow through our #SaveTheRhino campaign.

We consider our initiative of Rhino adoption as a beginning of more full-fledged conservation activities in our effort to give back to our wildlife and natural environment everything that has been ripped away from them.

Just like how our mascots, the Greater One-Horned Rhinos, support the ecosystem by dispersing seeds from the vast grasslands they graze upon, we, at DCKAP, strive to help the community, to support and cherish the ecosystem.

A warm shoutout to Karthik Chidambaram, Founder and CEO, DCKAP, Srija Santhanam, our Community Manager, and the entire team behind this wonderful initiative.

As we hope for a better tomorrow, let us all take the oath to protect our ecosystem with the values of sustainability and co-existence.

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UPDATE: A visit to DCKAP’s youngest members around the first quarter of 2022.