DCKAP Integrator: ERP Integration Platform

Limitless Possibilities. Endless Integrations.

DCKAP Integrator Cloud Platform is the abode you’re looking for to limitlessly integrate all your business applications (e.g. ERP, eCommerce, CRM). Use Pre Built connectors or build your own custom one, incorporate all complex business logic.

DCKAP Integrator

Enterprise focused

DCKAP Integrator ERP Integration platform is an all-encompassing middleware that provides a robust, scalable, and flexible integration platform.

Multi Tenant Architecture

  • Manage multiple application instances in one dashboard and keep them all connected. 
  • Secure sharing of hardware and software resources as well as the ability to maintain and upgrade them from one dashboard.

Scalable Architecture

  • Extend your integrations to connect any number of applications without disrupting existing connections.
  • Extend limits of data transfer by leveraging custom integration modules, as well as taking advantage of custom APIs. 
  • Extend functionalities and implement complex integration logic of any degree.

Hybrid Integration Platform

  • Connect, maintain and govern integrating business applications, in different environments.
  • Help applications on cloud, on-premise, hybrid and embedded to automatically talk with each other.

Pre-Built Connectors

  • Leverage our pre-built connectors to swiftly integrate industry leading applications, databases, protocols, with just a few configuration steps.
  • Use our pre built templates, data transfer patterns and business logic that are on par with industry standards.
  • A single connector to connect as many applications as you want, thereby eliminating redundancy. 

Project Environments

  • Work on projects in different environments such as testing, staging and production.
  • Exercise smooth migration of connections and flows from one integration environment to another. 
  • Leverage robust integration engines that operate on cloud, on premise, or on a hybrid model.

Test Driven Integration

  • Test and fix your integrations before pushing them live. 
  • Validate and test field level mappings, integration flows, business logic and new functionalities to ensure correctness. 

Enterprise Solution

  • Delivers integration standards needed for connecting enterprise level applications like Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, SAP, Magento, and much more. 
  • Encompasses all security, scalability, and customizability criterion required by enterprise grade companies.

Full-Fledged Customization

Incorporate any kind of business, mapping and data transfer logic and requirements without any effort from your end. Just let us know your needs and our integration experts will have it set up for you.

Full fledged customization

Custom Integration

  • DCKAP Integrator SDK provides a cutting-edge IDE to develop your own connections.
  • Test and deploy your custom integrations with the help of our testing module.
  • You don’t have to set up your custom connections. Tell us your requirements and our integration experts will have it up and running for you.

Design Custom APIs

  • DCKAP Integrator provides its own custom APIs for applications whose native APIs are limited with respect to business logic.
  • Leverage DCKAP Integrator custom APIs based on RAML or OAS based specifications  Implement complex functionalities with respect to interacting with any application such as:
    • Parallel processing
    • Chunk data transfer
      Extension to the maximum number of API calls per day 
    • Maximum data transfer size at any instant 
    • Accepted data types and formats

and more.

API Management

  • A single module to manage all APIs, microservice, and individual access to members adhering to standard security policy.
  • Manage APIs with most used specification formats RAML and OAS. or even SOAP existing web services. 
  • Complete control in tracking API activity (transactions through APIs), performance and resolving errors.
Cloras - Your_ERP Integration platform

DCKAP Integrator Platform

DCKAP Integrator EiPaaS provides cutting edge integration features for end-to-end integration deployment and maintenance without any restriction in terms of implementing complex business requirements.

Flow Builder Module

  • Set up your entire integration flow with easy-to-understand pseudo code.
  • Use pre built flows or build your own to configure API calls to targeted systems, format and validate data, log transactions, and much more.
  • Leverage our flows module or expert integration guidance to help design, test and deploy flows with zero strain.

Flexible Scheduler

  • Ascertain and control when and how applications should talk to each other and transfer data.
  • Communicate key business data such as inventory levels, pricing library, customer segments, product catalogs in real time or on a schedule and frequency you decide.
  • Transfer data as individual chunks, one by one or through parallel processing.

User Friendly Dashboard

  • A simple dashboard that users can understand and get started integrating as quickly as possible. 
  • Not a developer? No problem! Build flows, set up data mapping, log transactions and report performance with utmost ease using our code-free integration platform.

Advanced Logger

  • Record each and every transaction made through DCKAP Integrator with all details such as number of transactions,  success rates, transaction path, failed transaction, failure debugging, to name a few.
  • Use logs to trace and track your failed transactions in terms of where it went wrong and how to correct the errors.

Advanced Mapping and Modifier

  • Seamlessly map data fields between the integration entities. 
  • Accomplish all complex data modification logic with more than 100 data modification functions available in our modifiers module.  
  • Perform smart validation, testing and implementation of all your data mapping.

Management Module

Deploying integrations isn’t the end of the game! Leverage DCKAP Integrator management module to completely measure, track, report and modify connections, APIs and transactions.

Cloras Management Module

Role Access Management

  • Provide custom access to users based on their role and the project they are working on.
  • Enable clients, integration experts and other stakeholders customized access within a project to view and/or modify individual modules like flows, pipes, mapping, modifiers, logs and APIs.

Reporting and Analytics

  • DCKAP Integrator provides an intuitive reporting & analytics module that helps you understand the overall performance of projects, connector activities, and transactions.
  • Communicates the insightful integration reports to key stakeholders in your team or project.

Alerts and Notifications

  • Keep key project stakeholders updated about the transactions and modifications.
  • Set up custom notifications to individual users based on their role in the project.
  • Set up frequency and type of notification (email, desktop or mobile).

Root Cause Analysis

  • Analyze every transaction in detail by leveraging our step-by-step logging and debugging module.
  • Categorize failed transactions or deployed connections ranging from critical to less impactful and prioritize debugging appropriately.
Complete business control of your integration

Complete Business Control

The DCKAP Integrator integration platform provides cutting-edge integration capabilities for enterprises. You can concentrate on scaling your business while automating integrations and leaving the maintenance task to our integration experts.

Real-Time Synchronization

  • Synchronize key business metrics and data inflow between applications like ERP, eCommerce, CRM, EAM, EDI, database and third party logistics software. 
  • Keep all applications up to date with dynamic business information such as product inventory, customer orders, up-to-date order tracking information, to name a few.

Secure Transactions

  • DCKAP Integrator is a GDPR compliant platform that helps systems communicate with the utmost security with encrypted transactions.
  • SSL Certified with secure data transfer through HTTPS communication.
  • Custom user-based permissions and access restrictions wherever necessary. 
  • DCKAP Integrator does not store any business data. It only acts as a bridge that communicates your data among applications.

Developer Independent

  • Integration deployment and management incorporates no code. 
  • Design flows, map data fields, as well as debug and maintain integrations without writing any code.

Drag & Drop Setup

  • DCKAP Integrator is a code-free integration solution. No developer access needed.
  • A simple drag and drop interface to set up connections between multiple applications, pipes and flow builders as well as data level mapping & modifiers.

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