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Solving Your Prophet 21 Latency Challenges With DCKAP Integrator

Eric Woodman
August 26, 2021 |
Epicor Prophet 21 - ERP

Lack Of Speed Kills eCommerce Success

Prophet 21 is one of the most robust ERP platforms. eCommerce managers with websites that require calls to an ERP system constantly struggle with the issue of latency. And the more complex the data the slower the site will perform. 

In 2019 Amazon found that every 100ms in latency cost them 1% in sales. Another study in 2021 found that pages that load in 2 seconds (which isn’t bad) have a 9 percent bounce rate while pages loading in 5 seconds have a 38% bounce rate

It’s not uncommon for B2B distributor sites to have page load times of 10 seconds, or more when multiple calls for customer-specific pricing or special pricing are happening. The same goes for checkout, where key info is being passed from the ERP system to the website. Lack of speed kills.

Even when leading distribution business management software like Epicore’s Profit 21 (P21) are in the mix, the native API that works with the website will cause unnecessary latency issues. By working with dozens of P21 customers, DCKAP has developed an easily customizable API that solves these issues when passing the data through to our super-intuitive ERP integration platform, DCKAP Integrator.

Less Is More With DCKAP Integrator’ Prophet 21 API

A typical P21 system has hundreds of fields. A typical eCommerce website has 10-12 required fields. The native Profit 21 API will send all of those hundreds of fields through every time a call is made, meaning data gets clogged and page load times slow. 

DCKAP’s API limits the fields passed from P21 through DCKAP Integrator to the fields typically required to place an order on a website. Things like:

  • Customer ID
  • Customer price
  • Price breaks
  • Shipping info
  • Order status
  • Inventory levels
  • Etc.

By only allowing only the 10-12 fields needed for eCommerce orders to pass through to the site, page load times are greatly reduced. The same applies to info being passed back to the ERP.

Flexible And Sleek Prophet 21 API

But what if those few fields in the API don’t cover your needs? The DCKAP P21 API is built to be customized, often by a business user, or we will work with you to make sure you have what you need. 

We are small enough to work individually with every customer to make sure our P21 to DCKAP Integrator is meeting all your needs. 

Here are some customer success stories to show you what I mean

Additional benefits of the DCKAP Integrator Prophet 21 API

Customer-specific pricing from Prophet 21

The native P21 API only allows one call for pricing at a time. On a category listing page with multiple products that means a slow load. The DCKAP Integrator API will allow multiple calls at once.

Offline orders from Prophet 21

DCKAP’s API has been tailored to call for orders placed offline. That means customers can view their entire order history on the website rather than just those placed on the site.

Better order filtering of orders in Prophet 21

The native P21 API allows for filtering only by date range. But what if you have multiple orders a day or you don’t know the right dates? The DCKAP Integrator API allows for filtering by customer ID and ship-to ID.

Stop duplicating customer records in Prophet 21

Because DCKAP’s P21 API is able to call for the Customer ID in P21, we can match new orders to existing accounts and only create new customers for customers not already in Profit 21.

Real-time inventory passed from Prophet 21

With DCKAP Integrator, inventory is always in sync. And DCKAP Integrator will identify the products based on whether it is an assembly item or a complete item and adjust the logic based on the requirements of the order. It doesn’t matter if the inventory is in multiple warehouses. We have that covered with our API.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

Eric Woodman

Eric Woodman is a DCKAP consultant. He has more than 20 years of experience managing websites and web stores for companies including from a Fortune 100 High-Tech giant, a famous search engine, a manufacturer/distributor, an audio/video editing software firm and higher-ed.

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