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ERP Integrated Solutions: Boost Business Agility & Visibility

Aiswarya Madhu
January 29, 2022 |

Is timely decision-making still a long-held business dream? You have the best ERP software and team support but still lack a bird’s eye view of your business! Yes! That’s why you are here now, to get the best ERP integrated solution. 

Business agility can be achieved only through centralized and automated operations that integrate with technologies. ERP integrated solution bridges the gap in various operational aspects by connecting your ERP software with other business applications. 

Top Ways ERP Integrated Solution Optimizes Your Business 

Drives Revenue & Amplifies Sales

To stay unique and relevant in the changing digital landscape, every eCommerce retailers, distributors, and wholesalers need a transparent business structure. A connected landscape is necessary to streamline growth. A fully integrated ERP solution can automate your company’s repetitive tasks. Reducing time spent on mundane tasks not only saves cost but also improves productivity and streamlines the revenue system.


A strategic decision is the key to success. ERP integration gives real-time data insights, which helps to access customer information and boost decision-making. Utilizing an ERP integrated solution enables the sales team to access ERP data variances to quote competitive & suitable pricing by understanding customers’ unique situations. 

Brings Synchronized Performance

In any enterprise different applications and processes help to keep the workflow streamlined. Disjointed data and operations reduce visibility into the data stream and stagnate information flow hindering your route to market. Data democratization and holistic performance are crucial to enhance synchronized performance. 

ERP integrated solution for eCommerce

ERP integration acts as a single source of truth that automates half of your tedious tasks by synchronizing core applications in your enterprise. When it comes to ordering fulfillment and business decisions, the ERP integrated solution gives you real-time access to data streams, ensuring data from different applications are updated in the ERP software. 

Reduces Overhead Associated With Data Entry & Management

Manual data entry poses a huge operational challenge to enterprises when leaping ahead. It is time-consuming as well as error-prone. How many times you have wasted your critical resources in sorting duplicated content and correcting errors. Every error you make in business can cost you dollars. As your business expands, managing piled-up spreadsheets and data influx becomes complex and error-prone.   

Fewer errors mean higher productivity. ERP integration helps us reduce time spent on tracking down information & provides a centralized database that ensures data is updated and transformed more efficiently across locations without any discrepancies, thus reducing cost spent on overhead.   

More Time To Learn & Implement Innovation

Automating regular tasks and channelizing human labor in intensive projects are crucial to boosting performance. Strategic, creative, and innovative activities are essential to sharpen competitive edge. Employees’ skills should be directed to productive tasks and innovation. 

Manual entry and data handling reduce productivity and restrict expansion, as it will directly affect your employee morale in the long run. In an ERP integrated landscape, automated performance scales down your employees’ engagement on a monotonous excel sheet. 

Application Level ERP Integrated Solutions

Ecommerce & ERP Integration 

Ecommerce & ERP Integration is critical for reducing time to market. Along with selecting the finest ERP and eCommerce platform, it is also necessary to choose the best ERP integrated solution in order to synchronize performance and make reasoned and timely decisions. Read below some of the stellar benefits of eCommerce & ERP solutions:

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Improved Customer Experience

With an ERP integrated solution, keep your customers informed in the entire sales process. Today customers are more informed and aware of market trends. Their expectations and demands are a notch higher. Building a connected ecosystem is crucial to meet customer demands and provide them with a seamless shopping journey. eCommerce & ERP integration help in supply chain optimization, demand planning, shipment tracking, and gaining competitive advantage through cross-functional collaboration, thus amplifying market penetration and meeting customer requirements. 

 Real-Time Inventory Management 

Integrating your inventory management system with an ERP solution brings you a lot of benefits. It helps you eliminate redundant data, save time, implement it effortlessly, and consolidate data into a single database. Moreover, most enterprises that need to deal with multiple databases often find it difficult to sort out necessary modules. 

In such scenarios, if the WMS system is directly coupled with the ERP data, you can get modules that you require, such as shipping inventory and then receiving inventory using the ERP system. This method may also provide you the option of utilizing scanners to ship orders or send them straight through the ERP system.

Easily Generate Financial Reports

Bring transparency to your financial report through integrating your eCommerce with ERP. Create informed balance sheet trial balance, P/L statement, Cash Flow. Automated data flow lets you streamline your cash flow and receipt generation through electronic withdrawal and automatic deposits.

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CRM & ERP Integration 

Enterprises use ERP and CRM software to streamline business operations and accelerate customer experience. CRM software is crucial to enhance all sales and marketing communication. Both ERP and CRM bring the best result when it is unified. Though both ERP and CRM provide similar information, ERP software is concerned with back-end procedures, whereas CRM is concerned with the front-end. Here are some top-notch benefits of integrating your ERP and CRM platforms. 

CRM & ERP integration

Get total visibility into the customer journey

Your future growth potential relies on how well you identify your customers’ behavior, loyalty, and preferences. ERP and CRM integration will provide increased visibility and accurate insight and accuracy across the board, from accounting to finance, sales, and support. Thus, your firm will have all the aggregate information it needs to make more qualified judgments about how to maintain and strengthen your business connection with clients. 

Eliminates duplicated data 

ERP and CRM share similar data, but the problem occurs when you work in silos. It can result in data duplication and inaccuracy. Integrating your ERP & CRM platform ensures you are getting real-time, updated store information that lets you take data-driven qualified decisions.  

 Collaboration across departments

The benefits of a connected and integrated workforce include increased productivity and efficiency. Because everyone is on the same page, they can push for higher outcomes. Previously, each team had its own database of similar data. As a result, getting the proper information at the right moment was nearly impossible.

If you integrate ERP and CRM, your team can exchange and use up-to-date information. It increases their chances of getting more effective and better business opportunities. 

Choose Enterprise Focused ERP Integration Platform-DCKAP Integrator

Manage Multiple Applications in a Single Dashboard

No more delays, miscommunication, and inefficiencies. Experience the benefits of managing, upgrading, and sharing all your resources from a single place. It gives an omnipotent view of all the projects:

  • Total API Calls
  • Success Rate
  • New Customers
  • New Orders

Provides Hybrid Integration Solution

For hassle-free business operations, B2B enterprises are adopting hybrid business models, connecting on-premise and cloud platforms. DCKAP Integrator allows multiple systems like ERP, CRM, etc to integrate, irrespective of them being on-premise, cloud, or hybrid environments. If you still have an old legacy system, seamlessly let two generations talk with each other, using our ERP integration platform.    

Facilitates Data-Driven Testing

Ensure your ERP solution is error-free before the full launch. DCKAP Integrator provides ERP integration testing at multiple stages of implementation. Verify integration performance quality to ensure consistent and accurate data flow across the platform. 

ERP integration testing

Enables Custom Level Integration

The complexity of data integration will grow with the increasing number of systems in use and data influx. A custom-level integration module is crucial for every enterprise to scale performance and connect unlimited systems without disrupting already existing connections.  

Utilizes Pre-Built Connectors

Prebuilt applications and templates are crucial to building a centralized ERP system. ERP connectors not only regularize workflow but provide a holistic experience in data integration with zero coding requirements. Redundancy and data duplication are common in enterprises that use multiple multitier applications to streamline the entire workflow. DCKAP Integrator provides you with pre-built connectors that automate workflow, generate cross-department comparison reports, improve customer satisfaction and revenue through the ready-to-use template.   

Ensures Data Security  

Securing crucial data is always a pain point for businesses. Are you worried about data misuse? Well, DCKAP Integrator has the perfect solution for you. The GDPR compliant DCKAP Integrator ERP integration platform transfers data in an encrypted format to ensure utmost security. Moreover, you can provide custom user-based permission that helps you limit data visibility whenever necessary. 

Send Personalized Notifications to Stakeholders 

Automate alerts and notifications to keep stakeholders informed about key projects and updates. DCKAP Integrator lets you set up custom notifications and frequency & type of notifications based on user role in the project.  

Power Your ERP Through Integrated Solutions 

ERP integration is mandatory for every enterprise eyeing strategic growth. DCKAP Integrator provides distributors integrated solutions to connect your ERP, eCommerce & CRM applications with your ERP system without any hassles. Synchronized performance is what makes your journey hassle-free. Eliminate your enterprise silos and build visibility into every data stream through our ERP Integration Platform. 

Get DCKAP Integrator to access your critical data at the right time to make the right decisions. To know more about our integration success stories and how it works for EPICOR Prophet 21, Oracle Netsuite, DDI Inform, get in touch with us.  

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