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5 B2B eCommerce Success Stories To Take Inspiration From

July 13, 2021
Sreedevi R
5 B2B eCommerce Success Stories

Digital transformation has long ceased to be just a buzzword, but has become a necessity now, and rightly so. Meeting the growing demands of customers and rising up to their expectations are pushing businesses to embrace the new waves of innovative technology in the digital commerce landscape. 

As the numbers show, the eCommerce market is expected to touch $1,009.8 billion by 2025. Guaranteeing operational efficiency above 40%, your choice of eCommerce transition can place your B2B implementation to a higher pedestal that promises a seamless customer experience. 

Spare a glance through these five B2B eCommerce success stories to have a sneak peek into the many doors that digital transformation opens up for businesses. 

Here Are Five Compelling B2B eCommerce Success Stories!

#1] High-performing Magento store with P21 integration for a leading THK sales and distribution enterprise

Hosting an eCommerce website that projects your brand at its finest is the end goal that all of us aim for. Gaining customer attention is your way up to secure brand reputation and the advanced UI/UX easily becomes your trump card to hit the bull’s eye.   Technico, Inc., a leading THK sales and distribution enterprise that based its online storefront on Magento 2 is a solid example that reflects its magnitude. Their signature lies in the simple navigation and detailed category pages, making the customer journey utmost flawless. Custom modules and third-party integrations further enhanced the performance. From improving the SEO strategies, seamless ERP integration via DCKAP Integrator, our integration platform, to adopting conversation marketing, Technico is the finest example of hitting the right note in digital commerce, witnessing the 34% hike in conversion rate. Read the full case study.eCommerce success stories of distributors#2] Impeccable eCommerce transition with supreme platform migration for the industrial leader of lighting solutions A fully optimized eCommerce website without any bugs or workflow gaps is the pinnacle that all of us aim for. But to reach there is quite a journey on its own.Robertson Worldwide, the Industry Leader in Magnetic and Electronic Lighting Ballasts, was up for a similar journey. Their take-off from Magento 2.2 to Magento 2.3.1. recounts the story of their quest for better search functionality and a faster website with the perfect workflow.A clear-cut website redesign came in place along with Algolia integration brewing better search results. With an upgraded UI/UX, a fully optimized website came into being and was all that they strived for.A considerably lower page load time and a highly customized workflow shoved away all the hurdles in the customer journey. Hosting the SEO-compliant website, they now proudly boast about the 78% increase in revenue with a 66% surge in online traffic- the result of a perfect choice.Dive in to learn more about one of the most inspiring eCommerce success stories.

#3] Top-end Magento store with P21 integration for the provider of instrumentation and high-pressure products

In search of ways to ace customer journey? With improved UI/UX, endless customizations, delivering a hassle-free shopping experience, ways are many, but solution- one- a perfect grip on the best eCommerce platform. Anchoring towards the ideal platform migration, Moody Price, the largest provider of instrumentation and high-pressure products, shifted gears to Magento 2, seizing all the above requisites.A fully customizable Magento site, reflecting the current web standards, is implemented with appropriate CTAs and interactive contact forms, guaranteeing an aesthetically pleasing experience for the visitors. A dual-customer handling approach was adopted to handle their two customer bases with Magento P21 integration, enhanced via our DCKAP integration platform. In addition to the PunchOut2Go integration, our unique Product Information Management tool, DCKAP PIM, paved new ways of managing and maintaining product data.Be it dynamic pricing, displaying personalized quotes, working on tax documents and exemptions, Moody Price has all the right ingredients to deliver the perfect shopping experience to all its customers. Learn more about their success story.Digital transformation yields results for distributors

#4] Result-driven web store delivers eCommerce success for a noted manufacturer of wireless systems 

A smooth customer experience that is second to none is a crucial milestone to hit for any eCommerce website. The quest was no less different for Advanced Wireless Communications (AWC) with the eyes on easy navigation and simpler attributes. A leader in the design and integration of wireless communications solutions, AWC wanted the best of navigation and simpler attributes to boost customer experience. We offered a custom-built B2B solution by leveraging the latest offerings from Magento Open Source Edition 2.x. Enhancing the Magento 2 Epicor integration via DCKAP Integrator, seamless data sync perfected order creation updation, tax calculation, offline order sync, and many more. Their fruitful eCommerce journey culminated in a result-driven website with key features viz.:

  • Quick Order
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Specific Login (to pick a few from the endless list)

Setting the bar high with the perfect eCommerce take-off, AWC ensures that their customers are now in for a top-notch shopping experience like never before.

#5] Digital ascent via Magento implementation for a wholesale HVAC supplier

Is changing customer behavior affecting your B2B operations?If so, let’s uncover a fact. With surging online sales, B2B customers are expecting the same low effort experience as in the case of B2C websites. Sensing this shift, MDS HVAC, a wholesale HVACR supply company, realized what they lacked – an eCommerce website – and embraced digital transformation to ensure customer retention.With Magento implementation striking the right note, a minimalistic approach was adopted for an enhanced UX along with end-to-end P21 integration via our DCKAP Integrator. In addition to the custom modules, implementing third-party integrations brought about easy checkout, navigation, and so on. From multi-warehouse handling, dynamic pricing, to customized shipping methods, MDS HVAC thrives in the power of B2B eCommerce, embracing the dynamic shift in customer expectations.Check out the full eCommerce case study.HVAC supplier gains eCommerce growth

Why Should You Opt For Digital Transformation?

Just like how any crisis pushes us to change our perceptions forever, the pandemic had such a deep impact on the way we carry out our business operations. And digital transformation thus came to the forefront, even stronger than before. As the customers are increasingly moving to online shopping, switching to eCommerce is your viable option to maintain your competitive edge. Adding to this, your choice of the right partners for eCommerce development will make a great difference. As a digital commerce ecosystem, DCKAP has been instrumental in aiding 100+ B2B/B2C businesses in digital transformation. With eCommerce services and integration solutions, we augment your online storefront to cater to the ever-evolving needs and expectations of customers. Our services range from end-to-end eCommerce development, advanced web design to maintenance support, all aimed at elevating your B2B experience towards impeccable digital growth.

In need of any eCommerce services? Get in touch with us for a brighter future in B2B eCommerce.