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What do we look for when we hire candidates?

Dipthi Rajagopal
December 9, 2019 |

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant- Jim Collins”

DCKAP is more than just a company. We are an eCommerce community of dreamers and doers who set out to power digital commerce 14 years ago for brands across the globe, and we are still doing what we do well.

At DCKAP, we take it as a challenge to collaborate and work alongside highly skilled candidates with world-class talents. Therefore, we are always on the lookout for smart and talented people with a zeal for constant learning and a passion for writing awesome codes.

We have developed our own way to identify the best candidates and tap the true potential for those who believe in DCKAP Community’s dream as much as we do. Are you a game? Check us out!

Attributes we look for:

1. Enthusiasm and Passion

DCKAP believes you can be genuinely accomplished if you love what you are doing. A combination of passion and enthusiasm is a mandatory trait we look for. We have a wide range of opportunities for developers, UI UX Designers, eCommerce Specialists, Digital Marketers, and many more.

Take a look at the current openings DCKAP offers and let us know where you fit in and what you love the most.

2. Aptitude, Attitude, and Integrity

We at DCKAP deem that Attitude, Aptitude, and Integrity are definite milestones in the Altitude you reach and give you the winner’s edge.

Sound knowledge of the core field coupled with the right never-give-up attitude and added integrity will take you to high places in the Industry, and we are sure about that.

3. Leadership

Leadership is having the capacity to translate vision into reality! DCKAP looks for candidates who will partner alongside the vision and align individual goals with the achievements of the organization.

Every person has ambition, and every enterprise a dream – if you think you’ve got the zeal to take responsibility and exceed the client’s expectations, we would love to have you work alongside us.

Working at DCKAP

4. Problem Solver Objectivity and Critical Thinking

Sometimes, beyond hard work, it is smart-work that gets things rolling. We never know where the challenges arise, and we are always on the forefront to solve the barriers to promise what the clients’ dream.

Critical Thinking is an asset in daily operations, and we keenly look for candidates with an ability to think outside of the box, with a knack to solve problems without any hassles at any situation.

5. The DCKAP Culture

The DCKAP way of life encourages innovation, values, and rewards calculated risks. We welcome candidates who strive to become the foundation blocks of the company.

Every company is made up of the people who work within, and it is their relentless work which made DCKAP what it is.

We ensure every person is aligned with our friendly culture, where there is space for everyone to excel in their respective fields. And beyond!

6. Long Term Potential

Passion, patience, and persistence!

Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still. We encourage employees to transform knowledge and build expertise and thereby add value to the brand DCKAP. Clear vision and goals with positive self-awareness and intuition are the attractive traits we wait for.

DCKAP Worklife

Take a look at what our employees share their experiences being part of the DCKAP Community. Trust us, DCKAP is indeed a fun and lively place to be associated with.

JayakanthI started as a Software Engineer and have grown all the way up to a Product Lead in DCKAP. It’s been four years now and having amazing learning & memories. I love the culture and I am super grateful to the vibrant DCKAP community for setting up a great environment to work and learn.

– Jayakanth Rajan, Product Lead, DCKAP Integrator

PraveenI joined DCKAP as a business analyst and had the opportunity to learn about businesses end to end. This helped me visualize the eCommerce lifecycle and it had been an awesome experience solving the problems of eCommerce businesses. It has been a great journey that I have had with DCKAP thus far.

I absolutely love the open culture that the organization possesses, wherein feedback is taken in a constructive fashion. I feel valued being part of DCKAP as people here are open to your ideas, willing to collaborate and grow together. It is one of the few places where you get to work with vibrant people willing to help each other and embrace growth of peers. Awesome talent gets rewarded at DCKAP irrespective of their experience levels. Proud to be part of the DCKAP ecosystem.

– Praveen Venugopal, Project Manager

PoojaIt is a pleasure being part of DCKAP for the past 2.5 years. They follow an Open Culture, where everybody will know your hard work and contribution to the company. The company does not just focus on its growth but also on the self-growth of its employees. They believe in working as a community rather than just a company.

– Pooja Sekar, Account Manager

We are constantly on the lookout for the smartest minds with world-class talent who can provide great experiences in building an immersive eCommerce Community. Take a look at our current openings and apply!

DCKAP Community

Dipthi Rajagopal

Dipthi, Manager - HR , is passionate about people making a difference. A gregarious personality with high-levels of energy , she is committed to providing the best possible experience for the DCKAP team. Apart from supporting people finding their right path in their career, she enjoys listeninng to music and watching movies.

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