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Seamless Magento 2.X (now Adobe Commerce) Integration

DCKAP offers next-level integration solutions for distributors with Adobe Commerce. Seamlessly connect your eCommerce solution with your surrounding tech stack for an unparalleled digital shopping experience.

Elevate Your eCommerce Presence with Adobe Commerce Integration

Don’t settle for second best. Instead, supercharge operations, attract new buyers, promote sales and enhance the customer experience with DCKAP Integrator – the #1 integration platform for distributor success.


Grow Generation now has real-time data with no manual data entry across its systems.

With complete data automation between Adobe Commerce and DDI Inform provided by DCKAP Integrator, Grow Generation makes vital business decisions that impact revenue with real-time data.

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E-Z Up increased the speed of data exchange and improved customer service efficiency.

DCKAP Integrator connected Adobe Commerce, Microsoft NAV, Salesforce, and Dot Digital to supercharge E-Z Up’s digital commerce growth and customer experience.

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Ecommerce Online Store

A New Way to Sell Online

AI-powered eCommerce that does the legwork for you

  • Enhance your existing tech stack with Adobe Commerce integration
  • Track customer shopping, browsing and purchasing behaviors
  • Improve upsells and cross-sells with automated recommendations
  • Gain real-time customer insights across channels
  • Enjoy enhanced performance with integrated AI support

Pre-Built Connectors

DCKAP’s pre-built connectors make it easy for anyone to integrate their magento eCommerce platform – without the need for manual coding.

Multi-Platform Integration

Connect your Adobe Commerce platform to as many other platforms as you need with user-friendly flow designers and connectors.

Intuitive User-Interface

We designed our user interface to be simple yet powerful. Use drag-and-drop features to change or customize your integration easily.

Flow Designer

Integrate your Adobe Commerce platform in no time with the help of DCKAP Integrator’s intuitive flow designers.


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