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Guidelines for Magento B2B Application Testing

June 10, 2019 |

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According to the “Global B2B E-Commerce Market 2018” report, the size of online B2B sales will be doubled by the end of this decade than that of digital retail sales, as the wholesale sector aims at adopting convenience traits of B2C merchants.

B2B eCommerce

Global B2B eCommerce has evolved into a multi-trillion dollar market and is expected to see further growth over the next several years. By 2020, B2B eCommerce sales are projected to be more than twice higher than global online retail sales, according to a forecast cited in the report. Given this potential, B2B sellers worldwide count on eCommerce to drive revenue growth and improve customer satisfaction.

As stated, customer satisfaction or end user experience is not limited to B2C business. People in the B2B sector are willing to implement and maintain excellent customer experiences.  Above 90% of the B2B business owners are ready to invest in having a flawless user experience.

To achieve this, we should have an e-commerce storefront with intuitive user experience, both as a seller(merchant) and buyer. You may think that your customers would love to buy online, but they keep falling short of checkout. There are a lot of key items that need to be verified as a seller/buyer.

  • Buyers may find difficulty in website navigation
  • Buyers/Sellers are still caught up in the old traditional ways of doing business
  • Negotiations and the credit limit module is not user-friendly

Here are few guidelines to verify the critical Magento B2B core features which are applicable to any B2B platform.

Product Pricing

In B2B systems, product pricing plays a crucial role in closing a deal. Here, the price needs to be displayed for one set of users and must stay hidden from the guests. At the same time, the merchant must offer flexible pricing to different customer groups, which are customized and maintained in the ERP. Here, we will need to verify the following:

  1. Check if the product price is hidden from the guest users and specific user groups.
  2. Check if the ‘Add to cart’ button is disabled for the guest users, and redirects them to register.
  3. Check if the product pricing displayed to the customer is as per the system configuration.
  4. Verify the shared catalog by setting different pricing levels for various companies in single or multiple websites.

Quote Verification

Here, the admin can set the quote module for the customer group. Depending on the configuration, we must verify the following factors.If Request a Quote is set to YES:

  1. Users in particular customer groups must be able to submit a quote.
  2. Check for an email triggered to the quote admin.
  3. Quote must be saved in “My Quotes” in the front end.
  4. Check if the admin is able to negotiate with the user and send emails.
  5. Check on the quote approval/decline process.

Customer Account Verification

In B2B business architecture, the company is the crucial entity in which there would be any number of sub-accounts linked under one parent company account. There are few items that we need to keep in mind when verifying the account architecture.

As a Buyer

Verify if the company admin can give access or restrict the sub-accounts from certain activities like ordering, purchasing, quoting, or access to profile updates.

As a Seller

Check if the seller can configure the payment methods, pricing levels, negotiations, and quote requests for different companies and customer groups.

Seamless Checkout

Friction-free order purchasing is a rule of thumb for any B2B eCommerce application.

  1. Check if the quick order module is working as expected, based on the given product name or SKU. The ability to add multiple rows with the desired quantity and the product should be added to the cart with a click.
  2. The payment process should be intuitive as much as possible. There should not be any hiccups in between the process. These are the list of areas that we need to verify before the launch.
  3. Verify the payment process based on customer groups. There may be options configured to pay on the account, which means credit line payment. The seller can give a customer group or company a credit limit. The credit settings and reimbursement process must be verified.
  4. Verify reordering the existing order with the capability of updating the product quantity, shipping address, and billing information.

Engaging Experiences on All Devices

B2B websites without a responsive mobile design can be difficult to visualize on mobile devices, which eventually decrease the conversion rate. Because users have to scroll, tap, and pinch to find what they are looking for. It is challenging to navigate on an unresponsive website, causing the users to get frustrated and hence leave your website. A study reveals that  50 % of internet users can’t live without their smartphones. After fixing all the glitches, if the website gets verified of being a mobile responsive design, along with the ease of user action, the bounce rate will decrease.

When implemented and verified correctly, your eCommerce platform will help you bring greater speed and simplicity to a myriad of complex B2B ordering processes, including complex configuration, pricing workflow, and account-based customization.



Sivaranjani is an ISTQB Certified Foundation Level QA professional with more than seven years of experience in QA Testing. She has extensive knowledge on all phases of the testing life cycle, including requirements analysis, project planning, scheduling, testing, defect tracking, management, and reporting, along with effective coordination and interaction with internal as well as client stakeholders of both onshore and offshore teams. Sivaranjani is proficient as a QA Lead with a focus on leading and training the QA team members. Swift in her work, and with a keen eye for detail, she constantly tries to better herself and is always eager to learn about new technologies.

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