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How To Create A Shared Catalog Magento 2?

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What is Shared Catalog?

In B2B eCommerce, there are cases when a particular company or a group of users might be entitled to receive a discount and other might not. In these cases, it would be impossible for the administrator to individually fix the price of a particular product to a particular user/company. In order to overcome these hassles, Magento 2 has come up with Shared Catalog.

Shared Catalog allows the administrator to set special rules or custom pricing for different companies/group of users. In addition, it allows admin to configure the visibility of categories and products.

Types of Shared Catalog

  • Public
  • Custom

A Public shared catalog is the default shared catalog that will be displayed, at the storefront, to guest or Not-logged-in customers. Furthermore, this catalog is the one that will be visible to the guest and logged-in customers who aren’t associated with a company.  It’s automatically created during the installation of B2B commerce. However, only one public shared catalog can exist at a time.

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A Custom shared catalog is visible only to logged-in associates of the assigned company account(s). Magento allows you to create n number of custom shared catalogs, per the requirement. The admin can assign a custom shared catalog to specific companies.

Step 1: Create a  Shared Catalog

To create a shared catalog:

  1. Enable the Shared_Catalog Module.
  2. Go to admin panel, select the Shared Catalog menu.
  3. Go to CatalogShared Catalogs.
    Shared catalogs
  4. Click on Add Shared Catalog.
    Shared Catalog
  5. Enter the name of the catalog.
  6. Choose the type as “Custom”.
  7. Next, click on Save.

Step 2: Configure Product to Shared Catalog

To configure the product(s) for the particular shared catalog:

  1. Goto CatalogShared Catalogs
  2. In Shared Catalogs list, Select the option which you want to perform.
  3. Under the Catalog Name (e.g, DCKAP_Catalog), Select the option “Set Pricing and Structure”.
    Shared Catalog
  4. Then click on Configure.
    Shared catalog
  5. Select the Product(s) or select All and click Next.
    Shared Catalog
  6. Here you can customize the price. Then click on Generate Catalog.
    Shared Catalog
  7. Finally click Save.
    Shared catalog
  8. Now the shared catalog with configured products
    Shared Catalog

Step 3: Assign the catalog to Company/User

To assign the shared catalog to a particular company/user:

  1. Go to the list of customers and select the particular user/company whom you wish to edit.
    Shared Catalog
  2. Click on the Group and select anyone from the drop-down list.
    Shared Catalog

Thus the Shared catalog has been created and assigned to a particular company/user successfully.

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