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How to prepare for Magento Solution Specialist Certification ?

By |January 13, 2015No Comments

A Magento solution specialist is expected to understand the eCommerce business requirements and align it accordingly to the technical aspects in Magento in order to implement the Magento services flawlessly.

It was a great experience while preparing and clearing the Magento Solution Specialist Certification.  This was introduced by Magento at the Imagine conference last year. While the rest of the Magento Certifications focused on the technical expertise of the developer, the Solution Specialist certification has a clear emphasis on the business acumen. A solution specialist is expected to match the business requirements of a retailer to the technical aspects in Magento, in order to make the best use of Ecommerce platform.

The following pointers would be helpful in preparing for the certification:

  1. The examination was divided across four  sections
    • Ecommerce (13%)
    • Magento Architecture (27%)
    • Elements of a Magento Ecommerce site (35%)
    • Application of knowledge to business goal (25%)
  2. A complete understanding of the Magento Backend and its usability. As a developer, if we have worked in an array of Magento projects, this would come handy.
  3. Relate a business scenario and align its functionalities in Magento.  To be more specific, we should be able to provide solutions to the client with minimum customizations to the Magento core.
  4. A thorough understanding of the functionality in Magento native and its usability. Even if we have working experience in few modules, some questions are still tough to answer.
  5. To mention a few, we should be able to understand the difference and purpose of creating multiple website, store and store view.  As solution providers, we are expected to give appropriate suggestions on when to create multiple websites or multiple stores or multiple store views.
  6. On the technical aspect, we should be able to understand and give appropriate suggestions on when to use single Magento native and when to use multiple Magento native.
  7. A clear understanding on the differences between Magento community 1.8 and Magento Enterprise 1.13 so that we can recommend relevant versions according to the requirements.
  8. Customer groups was a tricky area in the exam, a sound knowledge in customer groups will help you a lot.
  9. The study material provide by Magento was very helpful in understanding the real picture of the exam.

A Solution Specialist is expected to understand the Ecommerce business requirements and align it accordingly to the technical aspects in Magento. If you have that confidence in you, it’s a certification that you should not miss. Go for it and all the best.

If you have any specific questions, do let us know. We will be happy to answer.

Mohammed Anees

Author Mohammed Anees

Anees has around 10 years of experience in Web development and a Certified Magento Solution Specialist. Expertise in bridging the gap between Business needs and Technical Solutions. Delivered many e-commerce websites including Magento Enterprise for various clients.

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