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A Whole New World At P21WWUG CONNECT 2017

Tamizh Selvan
September 26, 2017 |

It’s happening right now in distribution? The question is, are we ready for it?

  • Do we understand distribution and its users’ needs?
  • Do we have the right eCommerce solution that ties tightly to their ERP?
  • Are we ready to provide B2C experience to distributors and manufacturers?

It is a change of guard, and it will play a significant role in B2B eCommerce.


We no sooner wrapped Magento Imagine 2017 in April then we started planning for P21 WWUG CONNECT 2017.

CONNECT is where P21WWUG members come together from all across the world to learn, socialize & make connections with each other. CONNECT is an annual event organized by Prophet 21 World Wide User Group board. Presentations are provided by the user group members and sponsor vendors.

In the weeks leading up to the summit, we rebranded DCKAP. The rebranding efforts included a new ‘look and feel’ website, a new logo, a new tagline, the decals and the swags for the conference. The idea was to connect with our customers – distributors and manufacturers.


A brand reborn

Behind the scenes

In the week leading to the summit, George and Tim packed everything needed for the conference, and when we arrived at Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld, we got to work putting the booth together ensuring everything was in its proper place.

p21 magento integration

Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld – Venue of P21WWUG CONNECT 2017

We were pleased to see our completed booth. The swags were designed to represent our brand and what we do. They looked cool and awesome.

p21 magento integration

DCKAP swags

Everyone likes unique gifts in his or her event swag bags – our giveaways were a cute and cuddly little Rhino and an awesome T-shirt. The Rhino was a huge hit. Visitors came looking for the ‘Rhino’ from the ‘Rhino Company.’ We ran out of the Rhino on the 3rd day of the conference. We realized we should have had more ‘Rhinos’.  We will make up for it next year.

p21 magento integration

Rhino swag was a huge hit

Even pirates were after the Rhino.

p21 magento integration

Pirates at P21WWUG CONNECT 2017

Excitement in the air

As attendees began to gather in the Oceans Ballroom for the Welcome Cocktail Reception there was undeniable excitement in the air. There were big smiles and handshakes as people bumped into old friends and made new ones.

Visitors to the DCKAP booth

This was our first CONNECT 2017. We were excited and ready. Soon visitors were arriving at our booth. There were a lot of interesting talks, exchange of ideas and insights from the visitors.

We were personally thrilled with the number of visitors who came to our booth. We are thankful to all visitors who visited the booth and showed interest in the company and its services.

A Demo is worth a thousand words

We demoed our Epicor P21 Magento integration eCommerce solution to distributors. We showed how it addressed their pain points through powerful search and filtering, full account visibility, credit limit management, auto-reorder, quick order, pricing libraries, LTL shipping, Tax automation and more.

p21 magento integration

Demonstrating our eCommerce solution

We were able to connect to the visitors and did our best in answering their queries.

p21 magento integration

Explaining our work

A pattern emerges

Distributors visited the booth during their session breaks. Soon, a pattern began to emerge.

Most of them had an eCommerce solution but were not happy with it. A few did not have an eCommerce site and were looking for a suitable solution. Some knew Magento, and some did not. Some were considering Epicor Commerce Connect. However, there was a common challenge all the distributors had –

  • Seamless workflow that mimics their business process
  • Configurable B2B eCommerce platform that meets their complex yet unique needs
  • B2C user experience including responsive
  • No hassle implementation
  • Build trust, empower them and help them make informed decisions
p21 magento integration

A Whole New World At P21WWUG CONNECT 2017

All business and no fun make Jack a dull boy

Some lighter moments and fun time at Connect 2017.

p21 magento integration

Parrots and Predators at P21WWUG CONNECT 2107

CONNECT 2017 is not a three-day event

We began planning nearly six months for in advance for CONNECT 2017. We arrived a day earlier, set up our booth and then headed straight into the whirlwind of demos. We packed up, shipped out and flew home, but Connect 2017 does not end there.

We have leads to follow up on. We have to sort our cards and come up with a follow-up strategy. We already had a quick meeting with a couple of our prospects. We have promises to keep. We have to work smart and hard to deliver those promises. The work stretches far beyond the trade show floor.

Borrowing Robert FrostWe have miles to go before we sleep.

p21 magento integration

Thanks to all who made this conference possible. See you soon.

Tamizh Selvan

Tamizh Selvan heads the marketing efforts for DCKAP and its brands. He manages its content marketing and blog. He is a bibliophile and a cinephile. He can be found browsing at any one of the popular bookshops in Chennai during the weekends or watching movies at home.

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