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Unite the power of Epicor's P21 and Magento using Cloras.

EPICOR Prophet 21, a leading Enterprise application software for Wholesale distributors' business, it provides robust features that include Customer Relationship Management, Sales and Order Management, Materials Management, Supply Chain Management, Production Management and Financial Management.

Magento Prophet 21 Integration helps retailers combine the features of two robust systems to create a powerful omni-channel retail solution that helps merchants to fulfill the never ending needs of a modern customer. DCKAP has been a leader in integrating Magento across various industry leading ERP’s like SAP and Oracle, using CLORAS. Magento’s outstanding API Integration allows a seamless data flow across various systems to enable a truly omnichannel ecosystem.

epicor p21 integration

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Epicor P21 & Magento Integration Features:



Ensuring consistency in Customer relationship across all channels.


Seamless Omnichannel order fulfillment to ensure customer satisfaction with CRM data from EPICOR.


Supporting varied pricing strategy in Magento based the Quote and Purchase order data fetched from Prophet 21.


Access the inventory details in real time from Prophet 21 directly from the Magento Interface to ensure seamless fulfilment.


Improving the supply chain process by retrieving the entire logistics data between both systems.


Complex tax calculations can be calculated at Prophet 21 system and Integrated with Magento.

Magento Epicor Integration FAQ

Is the API DCKAP's or Epicor® P21's?

The API to which we refer is custom built for your business. Every business uses P21 differently, there is no out of the box solution when connecting Epicor® P21 to Magento.

How does the DCKAP's API differ from the Epicor API?

Since the Epicor/P21 API was just released, that’s not a question we can accurately answer. DCKAP has partnered with solution integrators with decades of experience, our partners have a unique mix of technical programming competence, a deep understanding of distribution business processes and a vast amount of experience, learning and understanding of the complex code/framework that Prophet 21® ERP is built on.

Do we have to buy the Epicor API to use the DCKAP's solution?

No. If you buy the Epicor API, we can still build the site. It’s part of what we do & as far as we know, we’re the only Magento Solution Partner to do an integration.

If the P21 system is down, can Magento still present item & take orders?

Yes. Since the integration with Magento works by caching pricing & inventory, that information is still available locally. Even if P21 connectivity is interrupted, Magento has that information; new information won’t be updated for the orders it takes during this period, but once the connection to P21 is established again, information would refresh and be up-to-date for orders coming in after that.

How many SKUs can Magento support?

There isn’t a limit. Magento says to call them if you have more than a million and there are sites currently running more than a million SKUs.

How does the process work?

It’s a service we perform for you. You get the custom API as a part of working with us. We don’t own Magento, the store we create for your business is yours.

Is Magento Enterprise required or do you work with Community?

We do work with Community. With Community, you would just be missing out on some of the premium features that come with Enterprise (like advanced caching & the payment bridge for PA-DSS compliance, among others).

If we’re already using Magento, where’s the step DCKAP can help us?

If you use Magento, we can help you. We’re a solution provider, just give us a call and we’ll talk about what you want; we only need to know where you want us to step in.


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