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A Complete Overview of SAP Business One Integration

Sureka Selvam
November 5, 2019 |
sap business one integration

When we think about SAP, we consider that it is only for large corporations in the Fortune 500, because SAP dominates that sector of the market. However, now almost 80% of SAP’s customers are considered to be small to mid-sized companies. So, SAP Business One is a solution that is built from the ground up for the needs of SMBs. Nowadays, SAP B1 integration with any eCommerce platform is a must need.

About SAP Business One:

SAP Business One is an affordable, integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that is designed to enable growing small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large enterprises with subsidiary operations to better manage their entire company. SAP Business One provides one simple solution that streamlines the business processes, provides real-time information, and helps to boost overall business performance.

Why do you need an SAP B1 Integration?

Streamlined Integration:

Keep up with the growth of online orders. If your online orders are exceeding your back office staff’s ability to enter them, integrating eCommerce orders will automate the process to speed up transaction processing.

Accuracy granted:

Leave the data entry in the capable hands of an integration solution provider who will pass your data back and forth between systems using carefully coded business rules and translations that will eliminate the possibility of costly errors typically made by human mistakes.


Increase the speed of data exchange and keep your customers happy with orders that are processed and shipped, fast.

No maintenance required:

Update or change your business systems with ease, knowing that your integration solution can be fully managed and maintained on your behalf. If you change systems, your solution provider will add or remove the connectors as you need them.

No need to worry about data entry:

Liberate valuable resources like time and money and get back to focusing on what’s important for growing your business. Data entry need not be your priority anymore!

Enhanced Coordination:

A proper integration facilitates completely automated, bi-directional data exchange between business systems or ERPs, reducing manual data entry processes and data duplication while eliminating the number of costly errors and streamlining of processes.

The whole activity enables various departments to coordinate. Every department can be on the same page as the data is shared among all. Decision-makers can view all the relevant data in a more streamlined format. All of this greatly improves the performance of the organization.

ERP Integration Platforms

System Integrations are a key way to consistently deliver a uniform experience to your customers across all online channels. It benefits your business in three major areas:

  • Delivering timely information for a Better Customer Experience.
  • Ensuring consistent synchronization of data with the SAP B1 ERP and the eCommerce website.
  • Automating processes that help to reduce manual entry.

SAP Business One can be integrated with all the popular eCommerce platforms such as SAP Commerce Cloud (formerly SAP Hybris), Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Adobe Commerce Cloud, Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, IBM WebSphere Commerce, Netsuite SuiteCommerce, Digital River Global Commerce, and more..

  • Cloras
  • i95DevConnect
  • Bizweaver

Data Sync between eCommerce platform to SAP B1 ERP:

Here are some basic syncs between SAP B1 and the eCommerce store. Based on the requirements, you can customize the services.

Customer Sync:

Customer information, shipping, and billing addresses, and contact person details are synced from the eCommerce website to SAP B1 using Integration platforms.

The customer’s updated details are also synced. You can also have a discount for particular customers. Discount/voucher code details also sync and can be used in sales orders.

Product Sync:

Products that are added in SAP Business One are synced with the eCommerce website for streamlined integration. A product’s basic information, sales price, and the inventory levels are synced.

Updated product information is also synced from SAP B1 to the eCommerce site for better results.

Inventory Sync:

The inventory details of the products are dynamically synced from SAP Business One to the eCommerce sites to eliminate products being out of stock, delivery delays, and customer dissatisfaction.

Items can be purchased from the vendor if the product’s order quantity exceeds the item’s inventory level and the product will go out of stock to avoid a delay in delivery.

Order Sync:

The customer’s order details are frequently synced with SAP Business One, and the delivery and invoice process is processed in the ERP. Based on the warehouse inventory level and the order priority, the order can be processed in SAP B1.

If the order is confirmed, the order details are synced to the website for customers.

Order Processing Sync:

Once the order is received, tracking numbers are provided to the customer to know their order status. The shipping status and tracking numbers are synced for better performance.

If the order is available for partial delivery, it means those details are also synced from SAP B1 to the eCommerce website.

DCKAP Integrator to connect your ERPs and eCommerce Sites:

The DCKAP Integrator platform is used to connect your ERPs seamlessly with any sites, without having any obstacles like data types, problems, and any custom conversions, etc. DCKAP Integrator has a flexible architecture that allows for customization to accommodate your unique business rules.

DCKAP Integrator features ERP and CRM connectors to help you with organizing the essential applications and to control your undertaking. It mixes connector for ERPs like SAP Business One, Epicor P21, Eclipse, and significantly more to online business applications like Magento, BigCommerce, etc.


DCKAP Integrator enables you to immaculately interface and fuse with the applications that your business needs to create, advance, and serve your customers at the level they merit. Find more details on the website and easily connect your SAP B1 system with any eCommerce websites. Request a Demo for a personalized SAP B1 integration with your eCommerce and CRM applications.

Sureka Selvam

Sureka is a Software developer at DCKAP with around two years of experience working on SAP Business One implementation and on Java. Surekas' hobbies include listening to music and travel.

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