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Understand How SAP Hybris Cockpits Framework Enhances eCommerce Experiences

Sarmila A
June 28, 2019 |

The eCommerce market is growing immensely, with sales expected to top $27 trillion by 2020 per eMarketer. Considering the overwhelming growth in the sphere of eCommerce, the industry has come a long way since its inception.

Customers now prefer online shopping over brick-and-mortar stores due to multiple factors: comfortable shopping, options to browse many goods, products reaching homes directly after an order is made, and many other reasons. But, just like any industry, it requires continuous and frequent adaptations in tandem with the current market and shopping trends.

The boom of eCommerce has given ample opportunities for entrepreneurs and startups looking to capitalize on the products and services they offer to venture into the online space.

The core of every online store is a website where products can be seen and purchased. Have you ever wondered what goes into building such a website? How do brands manage all the data in the backend and beautifully present them in the frontend? In every top eCommerce site, there are typically thousands of products. What does it take to ensure all the details are accurately displayed? Is there any system in the backend to streamline the online buying process?

Keeping up the online store is a daunting task, but with the right tools and platforms in places, it is indeed possible to stand out from competitors and provide a delightful shopping experience.

In this blog, we say how SAP Hybris Cockpits helps businesses to manage their online stores efficiently in the backend.

A Glimpse Of SAP Hybris

SAP Hybris is a leading eCommerce platform provider. Premium brands with a strong presence across the world (Vodafone, Samsung, Nike, etc.) have placed their bets on Hybris to optimize growth, and you know the results.

Technically, SAP Hybris is a complete customer engagement and multichannel e-commerce solution with fully-integrated tools and capacities. It serves B2B and B2C brands belonging to industries like financial services, telecommunication, insurance, media, manufacturing, retailing and wholesale.

SAP Hybris Cockpits

The SAP Hybris Cockpit framework is the foundation for all Hybris Cockpits. It offers a large number of highly configurable components, which can be used to build a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to support high-level business use cases. This allows users to perform all their common tasks quickly and intuitively. The Hybris Cockpit framework complements the functionality offered by the Hybris Management Console (HMC), which provides lower-level control over all the data in the Hybris system.

Hybris never ceases to improve its business-level cockpits by easing the process of how they can be created.

The Hybris Cockpit framework is based on ZK, a Rich Internet Application (RIA) framework that enables desktop-like GUIs within a web browser. The ZK Framework is also well supported by Spring. Also, ZK delivers a rich set of user interface (UI) components, making it quick and easy for developers to deliver an amazing front-end experience.

The framework is provided by the Hybris cockpit extension that enables you to develop different sets of the end user frontend for the Hybris Commerce Suite.

Key Features of SAP Hybris Cockpits

  • Security infrastructure based on Spring security
  • Ready-to-use front end template
  • Base configuration as a starting point for new applications, based on Spring
  • Reusable front end components in addition to existing ZK components
  • A generic abstraction of persisted items in the front end layer via the Type Service
  • Generic search providers
  • Automatically-stored user interface configuration at application run time
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Modular plug-and-play architecture is used to extend and customize
  • Single sign-on functionality enabled via the Commerce Cockpit

Key Hybris Cockpits

SAP Hybris Administration Console

Helps you manage all sorts of information.

The Hybris Administration Console is an administration Web page offered by the hac extension. It provides functionality for administration, monitoring, and configuration of the Hybris Commerce Suite.

Accessible from https://localhost:9002/login.jsp (if you have SAP Hybris installed).

WCMS Cockpit

The space to make your frontend dazzle.

The WCMS (Web Content Management System) Cockpit provides a simple way for users to manage their website pages. It provides an intuitive, graphical user interface for data presentation and management. The WCMS Cockpit also supports workflow and synchronization tasks.

Accessible from https://localhost:9002/cmscockpit/login.zul (if you have SAP Hybris installed).

In the Hybris WCMS Cockpit, the following can be done conveniently:

  • Create and update website pages and content components
  • Check and change website pages status
  • Synchronize catalog versions of your website
  • Create collections of chosen pages
  • Search for website pages, according to advanced criteria

Customer Service (CS) Cockpit

Offer unparalleled customer service!

Customer Service (CS) Cockpit enables you to quickly and efficiently manage customers and the orders they place in the call-center environment.

Below are some of the features enabled with CS Cockpit:

  • Designed for the call center environment
  • A single, highly responsive interface
  • Keystroke access for quick access to relevant information
  • Customer service agents see the same information as the customer

Accessible from https://localhost:9002/cscockpit/login.zul (if you have SAP Hybris installed).

Admin Cockpit

Hybris Administration Cockpit provides management functionalities in an intuitive and user-friendly fashion.

At present, the SAP Hybris Administration Cockpit is used for the management of:

  • Data Validation constraints
  • Instances of types

Accessible from https://localhost:9002/admincockpit/login.zul (if you have SAP Hybris installed).

Product Cockpit

Maintain and manage all product data.

The Product Cockpit enables organizations to manage and structure product information and catalogs in high-volume and collaborative environments. Product managers can visualize their inputs from multiple perspectives and make product management process more efficient.

Accessible from https://localhost:9002/productcockpit/login.zul (if you have SAP Hybris installed).

Report Cockpit

Have an overview of the workflow with insightful reports.

The Reporting Module provides a Report Cockpit in which users can create and manage personal dashboards containing rich graphical report widgets. This enables users to add new report widgets to the Dashboard, either already prepared or custom built. It also allows users to remove any added report widget.

Accessible from https://localhost:9002/reportcockpit/login.zul (if you have SAP Hybris installed).

Import Cockpit

Uploading data has never been this easier.

SAP Hybris Import Cockpit enables you to import data into SAP Commerce using a CSV source file, without needing to specify an ImpEx import script. You can perform the import operations in the user-friendly interface of the SAP Commerce Import Cockpit.

Accessible from https://localhost:9002/importcockpit/login.zul (if you have SAP Hybris installed).

Final Thoughts

SAP Hybris Cockpits, architected for handling a high volume of data and efficient administration of online stores in the backend, can help companies manage their sites coherently and provide an excellent shopping experience for customers.

Get in touch with us if you want a super start to your online business with SAP Hybris. DCKAP plans, designs, and executes best in class online experiences for your brand’s growth.

Sarmila A

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