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Comprehensive Guide For Acumatica Cloud ERP

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As your organization grows, so does its workload. Starting, it’s easy to “make-do” with excel sheets and email, however, with time manual logistics become difficult and it will take its toll on your employees and the overall operational process. It could also lead to dire situations where your business is unable to keep up with the customer demand and that is hazardous for any business during a significant growth phase. 

Early-on investing in enterprise resource planning software (ERP) is a smart move. It helps your business bring together fragmented operations under one single integrated and unified dashboard, this not only streamlines business processes but also makes your operations more agile. Today ERPs come with a host of features that funnel all the data points into one dashboard, this increases operational efficiency and improves the decision-making process ensuring overall business and customer success. 




In this article, we go in-depth about exploring the Acumatica Cloud ERP; its pricing, tech-specs, and its implementation. If you’re a finance manager, entrepreneur, operational head, or any key decision-maker in the market for an ERP, this article is for you. 

What is Acumatica Cloud ERP?

Acumatica Cloud ERP is a business management solution for the new digital economy. It is a connected business platform providing customers to upgrade their business by showcasing customer success at the heart of all their operations. 


How does Acumatica Cloud ERP work?

Generally, enterprise resource planning software uses a centralized database where all the business information funnels into. This reduces manual labor and simplifies the existing workflows of the company. An ERP contains a unified dashboard where the users can access real-time data flowing in from all business operations. This helps with enhancing business productivity and profitability. ERP systems give your business an integrated and unified dashboard of functionalities to operate business processes ranging from various divisions such as finance, manufacturing, distribution, customer relations, and everything else.

Acumatica Cloud ERP solution has multiple core features that can be deployed to a variety of areas in your business. These include Accounting, Purchasing, CRM, and Supply Chain Logistics, and more. All integrated into one unified dashboard and a singular repository in a system. You can visit the official Acumatica Cloud ERP website to learn more about each module in detail. 

Who Can Use Acumatica Cloud ERP Solution?

This is an essential question, who uses Acumatica Cloud ERP Solution? Well, any organization that would choose to switch to an ERP and specifically to Acumatica Cloud ERP would be typically facing some or all of the following challenges with their current systems. 

  • The Accounting Module is limiting, lacks newer features;
  • Usage of spreadsheets & excel on basic systems;
  • Too many different tools and platforms leading to the disarray of information;
  • Blindspots in business operations due to lack of informational transparency;
  • Old/Legacy business ERP cannot pace up with the business growth. 

In the industry Acumatica Cloud ERP solution has seen an increased switch by companies operating in: 

  •  Manufacturing – For flexible manufacturing planning and shop floor control processes adapt as you change and grow. The ERP & CRM work together for streamlined operations. 
  •  Distribution – To implement a flexible and fully-functional distribution solution at a lower total cost. It caters to the unique need of individual markets. 
  •  Retail & e-Commerce – A multi-channel retail and eCommerce software solution improving the in-store experience and automates how online sales orders are entered and fulfilled.
  •  Other Industries – Companies in all industries have realized the value of ERP+CRM working together for company-wide automation and operational efficiency. 

Acumatica Cloud ERP solution is now the fastest-growing ERP solution for SMB as positioned by studies such as  Gartner and Nucleus Research.

What Are Acumatica Cloud ERP Modules?

Acumatica Cloud ERP solution has several core modules that can run different verticals of your business from a unified dashboard. This provides holistic coverage of operations. Some of the core Acumatica ERP Cloud Solution modules are: 

  • Financial Management.
  • Construction.
  • Customer Management.
  • Project Accounting.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Payroll.
  • Extended Functionality.

 You can also customize these solutions to fit the specific business requirements. To know more about Acumatica Cloud ERP Solution, continue reading…

How Much Does Acumatica Cloud ERP Solution cost?

Acumatica Cloud solution offers a diverse range of solutions and its pricing varies depending upon the features and functionalities you want to implement for your business. The pricing will vary depending upon your expectations from the ERP.  Below is an indicative cost for different options.

You can learn more about the exact pricing features here.

Using Acumatica Cloud ERP Solution? 

If you think that learning and using a new ERP especially Acumatica Cloud ERP will be difficult, you could be wrong. Acumatica Cloud ERP Solution is a powerful ERP product and has great community support. Of course, if you want to utilize the ERP to its full potential, learning will be essential. Below are some resources that you can use to master the Acumatica Cloud ERP: 

  • Acumatica Cloud ERP guide here;
  • Official Acumatica Cloud ERP community resources here;
  • Official Acumatica Cloud ERP blog platform.

Comparing Acumatica Cloud ERP To Other ERP Solutions? 

Are you still wondering whether Acumatica Cloud ERP is the right ERP solution for your business? Why don’t you check out what the users have to say about Acumatica on some of the few review sites? To further ease your decision-making you can compare sites like Capterra or G2 to measure Acumatica Cloud ERP to other ERP solutions by industry, ratings, customer views, pricing, organization size, features, and more.

How Long Does Acumatica Cloud ERP Solution Take To Launch? 

Traditionally, the Acumatica Cloud ERP solution is designed for midmarket growth businesses and small to medium-sized businesses. Acumatica’s FastTrack Deployment provides a robust, scalable, and repeatable framework to deliver successful deployment in 90 days or less.

  • Lower Cost To Entry –  No cost-prohibitive implementations with fixed-cost deployment.
  • Faster Time to Productivity – Increased business impact by deploying Acumatica capability in incremental phases and gaining user adoption swiftly.
  • Accelerate Time to Value – Live operations in 90 days or less.
  • Increase ROI –  Delivering a tailored solution designed to maximize the ROI for your business.

How To Integrate Acumatica Cloud ERP Solution Into Your Business? 

By using an integration platform as a service you can integrate Acumatica Cloud ERP into your existing business. You can use the DCKAP Integrator integration platform. Here you can integrate and extend the capability of your Acumatica Cloud ERP by other key applications such as (CRM, SCM, E-commerce Marketplace, and Third-Party Integration) Use this comprehensive guide to learn how to integrate Acumatica Cloud ERP into your business.

DCKAP Integrator Cloud Connector delivers a paradigm shift in revenue by synchronizing Acumatica ERP with all front end and back end systems. You need to make sure that these data points are integrated while connecting Acumatica. DCKAP Integrator already provides a pre-built package that integrates all these data points.

It is also a GDPR compliant platform that ensures the complete security of your data through encrypted transactions and SSL certifications. Additionally, the DCKAP Integrator platform provides you best-in-class UI and UX, with drag and drop features and minimal coding effort.

In Conclusion

Acumatica Cloud ERPs main USP lies in their integration strategies, as they successfully position themselves as a multi-cloud strategy. By stitching together multiple disparate functionalities under a single unified dashboard allow for Acumatica’s increased external cloud capabilities. With the growing partner ecosystem, Acumatica Cloud ERP Solution brings greater efficiency to all kinds of businesses across industries.

When compared to client-server solutions, Acumatica is slightly less expensive to install and maintain. This also provides a competitive edge to businesses that just looking to quickly plug and play. Customization and development are easier because it can be done entirely inside Microsoft Visual Studio. Performance is comparable to client-server solutions because the platform is designed to minimize network traffic and work over slow Internet connections.

Unlike pure-SaaS providers in the market, Acumatica does not lock you into a single vendor position, hosting provider, or any kind of proprietary technology. You control the software and where you want to deploy it. If you purchase a license, you can continue using the software even if you stop paying maintenance. These features reflect Acumatica’s agile and robust strategy.

In summation, if you’re in the market for a possible ERP solution for your business, Acumatica Cloud ERP could be a top contender. As every business is different in its operations, and with it are their requirements. ensure that you gain the most out of your ERP, research deeply about your business requirements, and understand how various ERP solutions are positioned to provide you value according to your business needs.


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