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Robertson Lighting

Robertson Lighting

"DCKAP did an excellent job in customizing their Integrator to meet specific requirements and built an excellent interface between Acumatica & Magento."

- Dale Marcus, CFO

About Robertson Worldwide

Robertson Worldwide is an Industry Leader in Magnetic and Electronic Lighting Ballasts. It is based in the United States and has been an industry leader ever since its inception in 1948. They are known for producing a top-notch repository of Magnetic and Electronic Lighting Ballasts, Ballast Customization, Ballast for Every Application, LED Drivers, HID Kits, Compact Fluorescent Ballasts, Ballasts for Retrofitting, Energy Efficient Lighting Ballasts, Power Conversion & Protection Equipment, Electronics, Manufacturing.

Success Stats

2 Sec

Site Responsiveness


User Traffic


Sales Revenue

eCommerce Challenges:
  • The existing M2 website with Magento 2.2.2 had lots of bugs and workflow gaps, which led to a lot of manual work for the business.
  • Customer registration and checkout flow were the main gaps in their workflow logic.
  • While their sales on different dissemination channels were still high, their site traffic was very low. Their online sales were lower in terms of traffic.
  • The search bar was not exactly intuitive for customers to search for products that match their needs the best.
  • Overall, we wanted to fix the issue of website performance, as it was really slow and was a major block to the website’s growth.
Integration Challenges:
  • Robertson Worldwide was manually handling their customer and order data received on their website. This meant additional hours spent updating their ERP, and a lack of real-time data for order details and more.
DCKAP’s Journey with Robertson Lighting

Robertson purchased a tax-exempt extension from the DCKAP store and then reached out to our support team. Our client support team did a great job, and we got the opportunity to work with this account, which is how we got a chance to undertake their website maintenance and enhancements.

eCommerce Deliverables
  • Website redesign with Magento 2.3.1, with a better and more intuitive homepage as well as a concise product page.
  • Algolia integration to improve search performance
    • This helped us because the website had many different combinations of products and attributes.
    • These attribute combinations may change from time to time for each product. Having a handy integration tool can help the client update much more smoothly.
    • Algolia helped make cloud-based search URLs and connect them to menu navigation options and pages with search results.
  • The account registration flow addresses various account types.
    • This customization helped in differentiating registration based on customer groups like end users and distributors, as well as distributors with different terms.
  • Ensuring a process flow for customization in accordance with address state and account type-wise shipping logic and cost calculation.
    • This helped in a more efficient tariff calculation for items shipped from outside the US.
    • Shipping method restrictions are based on the location validation, whether it is the 48 contiguous states or islands.

"DCKAP built an advanced website with upgraded UI/UX techniques. The optimized features paved way for faster website performance, increased page speed and responsive workflow improvements."

  • Avalara Tax implementation for tax calculation.
    • Avalara integration was implemented to automate tax management duties since a lot of geographical locations were involved.
  • Stripe Payment method for online payments.
    • Stripe Payment allows store owners to accept popular currencies and credit card types.
Compliances Met
  • PCI compliance
    • The website was made PCI Compliant to enhance security for consumers by setting guidelines. It ensures the systems are secure, and customers can trust the website with their sensitive payment card information. Trust leads to customer confidence and repeat business.
  • SEO Compliance
    • The website was made SEO compliant by performing an SEO audit and fixing SEO issues, which helps it rank better as consumers search for products relevant to our client.
Need For Acumatica & Magento Integration

The customer needed a user-friendly connector to sync their Acumatica ERP with their Adobe Commerce (prev. Magento 2) website. The connector needed to automatically pass various information between Acumatica ERP and ecommerce website.

Integration Pathways

Customer data: Syncing the newly registered/updated customers’ information from Magento to Acumatica

Order data: Fetching the sales orders placed from the Magento website along with the credit card payment transfer information and syncing them into Acumatica ERP

Order processing: Syncing order status and shipments related information from Acumatica ERP to the Adobe Commerce website.

Product: Syncing the newly created products in Acumatica and the updated product attributes in the ecommerce website.

Inventory: Dynamically syncing inventory level products from Acumatica to the website.

Pricing: Capturing the product’s pricing based on the respective customer groups and displaying it in the website.

Benefits of Acumatica and Magento 2 (Adobe Commerce) Integration

With DCKAP Integrator, Robertson gained seamless integration between their Acumatica ERP and ecommerce website. The simple interface has saved their team hours of manual entry and the errors that come with it.

robertson lighting

Magento 2 (Adobe Commerce)






Magento & Acumatica

Final Outcome

With a host of different combinations, here are the results we were able to help Robertson Worldwide achieve:

  • Increased sales: UI enhancements and SEO-compliant practices increased user traffic by 66% and revenue by 78%.
  • Site Speed and responsiveness: The site is working seamlessly in all browsers and across all mobile devices, and the Pingdom results show a 2-second load time.
  • Workflow Improvements: This change to the registration and checkout flow made it easier to change information in the backend without having to do it manually.
“ DCKAP built an advanced website with upgraded UI/UX techniques. The optimized features paved way for faster website performance, increased page speed and responsive workflow improvements. Also, the SEO services increased website’s organic traffic by 66%. The development solutions that DCKAP offered helped us drive targeted traffic and digitally transform with a revenue hike of 78%. DCKAP also did an excellent job in customizing their Integrator to meet specific requirements and built an excellent interface between Acumatica & Magento"
-- Dale Marcus, CFO

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