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How Distribution One ERP Eases Data Management

Sreedevi R
February 5, 2021 |

Managing piles of data, without a question, has always been a herculean task. With relevant information coming from different departments, centralizing the data in one single place becomes the most vital aspect. Your choice of the ERP system reflects the efficiency of data management, and that’s the reason why the ERP system you choose should be best suited for your operations. 

Since 94% of the B2B companies are witnessing a growth in sales by concentrating highly on data management, you cannot compromise on your ERP system and the middleware that supports its integration with your eCommerce platform. 

Your mastery lies in your choice.

With the advanced features of Distribution One ERP, handling data becomes easier than ever. Unveil process performance improvement with the ERP-ONE+ software that Distribution One offers. This interconnected software solution gives you easy access to vital data, current or historical, at any time from anywhere. The end-to-end software solution ensures transparency, simultaneously guarding your data from any mishap.

But the question remains-

How exactly will Distribution One ERP succeed in data management? 

Or rather, will choosing the perfect ERP solution alone solve all your integration dilemmas?

To reach the answer, do read on…   

Improve Data Management With Distribution One ERP

Instant Access to Information

Gaining access to vital information at the right time is of utmost importance, especially when you have to deal with large volumes of data. With the 64-bit ERP-ONE+ system of Distribution One ERP, you can not only gauge the data but also instantly deliver information to your customers, indirectly smoothening the allocation of inventory or committing stock for the customers.Distribution One gives instant access to dataERP-ONE+ makes it easier to gather data on margins, product pricing, and inventory quantities in just a matter of seconds. You can also find buying history of the customers in the order entry along with easy access to their present and historical information.Get an overall view of the availability of inventory in various warehouses at different locations. Sweep in the added benefits of a pop-up window that opens doors to information in a snap. While the solution also provides for the cash receipt projection, take a look at the open item and balance forward statements.   

General Ledger System

Fully interfaced in their General Ledger System, ERP-ONE+ efficiently manages data relating to finances and transactions. Client defined historical and trend reports will remove the thorn in managing financial data. Along with an overview of the balance sheet and cash flow statement, compare the income statement and budget statement to know your footing.As the fiscal year comes to its end each time, the adjustments that you have made will be automatically carried forward into the balance sheet of the upcoming fiscal year. Get hold of all the monthly, quarterly, and yearly financial statements without any hassles. In addition to procuring consolidated financial statements and client-defined charts of accounts, you will have complete transparency and access to summary and entire journal transactions in detail for any period relating to any sub-system. With Distribution One, reduce the manual errors considerably and get an overall view of your financial positioning to plan things ahead.

Managing finances made easy with Distribution One

Complete Traceability of Data and Operations

Along with large volumes of data, keeping track of business operations is also a tedious task that demands your full attention. With the ERP-ONE+ software of Distribution One, gather sales analytics and assess your positioning. You can easily trace blanket orders and quotation order entries, simultaneously overseeing returned goods. Keep track of the current market potential through the ‘Unusual Sale’ option that traces the emerging trends. Further, its traceability gives a heads up in managing the delivery route and also keep an eye on cash flow analysis and cash expected reports.The integration of UPS Worldship with ERP-ONE+ Software lets you track information on shipping in real-time. You can track the goods that are in transit and review Purchase Order audits. Get an overview of vendor performance and also keep an eye on Purchase Order and Sales Order that are interlinked. 

Timely Reporting and Analytics

ERP-ONE+ provides you with up-to-the-minute reports to ace timely decision making. Based on accounting or working cost, the solution generates profitability reports, in addition to vendor rebate tracking and reporting. It also enables you to run any of the reports of any period.Regular rebate reporting gives adequate insight into the billing process, smoothening the management of bill payments. Keeping in mind the client-defined period, cash requirement reporting is also made available. You can also get hold of the complete accounting audit information for any of your accounting processes. Apart from the dead stock reporting, ERP-ONE+ enables stock status reporting that looks into current trends to up the game. The GMROI ‘Turn and Earn’ reporting gives you the exact picture of your returns for every expense incurred on inventory. With its precise analytics, timely and regular reporting becomes handy in carrying out shipping processes as well.Easy reportingThe features of Distribution One ERP make data management a much more simpler process, demanding less exhaustion in coordinating and managing all the tasks at hand.

Your Role Doesn’t End Here

By choosing the ERP system, half your job is done. You are halfway through.So, what’s the missing piece of the puzzle?It’s a middleware or the ‘software glue’ as called by the software developers. Backing a number of applications, a middleware solution puts an end to any hindrances in integration, leading to smooth data synchronization.DCKAP has come up with Cloras, the ERP connector that would automate all your integrations, seamlessly connecting your eCommerce platform, ERP system, CRM, SCM, and other third-party applications. With Cloras, you can synchronize data in real-time with all the data points at once in a snap.The Advanced Mapping and Modifiers, being its distinguishing feature, bridges all the data fields, while also reducing the need for developer support for building in complex business logic. Deploy the sync schedule so that Cloras can automatically sync data from your ERP system to the applications that you use, reducing the time you spend on managing your data.You can also log and back up all the data including the processed transactions, the incomplete, and ongoing ones, the information of which are transferred back and forth from the ERP system. In addition to the smooth data management, all your transactions are encrypted, and therefore, safe to operate. Manage all your data from a single accessible location and reduce the time taken for the data transfer.Apart from the data visualization facilitated by Cloras, you can customize data including dynamic pricing, product information, custom products amongst others. Easily make the changes in the ERP system and it will be automatically shown in all your applications via Cloras. Automation eliminates any inaccuracies in data entry, keeping away from any manual error.Being a platform-agnostic middleware solution, Cloras integrates your ERP system effortlessly with your third-party applications ranging from Adobe Experience Manager to HubSpot, eliminating data silos.

Final Thought

Employing the most suitable middleware, integration comes to a full circle. As the research shows, 100% of the B2B companies witnessed improvement in their performance by concentrating on data management, and the power it wields over a company’s operations can never be undermined. Since its inception, Distribution One has been executing data transfer faultlessly to its clients, making the transition a smooth ride. With the most complex part of data management made easier, organize your workflow better and thrive on automation, resulting in better productivity and improved sales.        The quality of our work is reflected in our satisfied clients who time and again have entrusted us with their eCommerce endeavors. Explore our client’s stories and get to know us better.

Sreedevi R

Sreedevi R is a content writer at DCKAP. Being an eCommerce enthusiast, she has a keen interest in exploring the dynamics of digital commerce and aspires to bring them to light through her words. She is in a constant sprint for expanding her knowledge base in eCommerce and looks forward to polishing the craft of writing. A cinephile as always, you can find her engrossed in watching movies during her free time.

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