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Top Level Project Flex Getting Developed with High Expectations

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FlexThe Apache Software Foundation is a hub of volunteering developers, stewards, and incubators and has around a 150 projects which are in development and active. Adobe Flex which was handed over to the ASF last year started off as an incubating project and recently it has attained a Top-Level Project status.

Flex was introduced into the market as an open source software development kit which helped developers in building cross platform rich web based applications which relied much on the Adobe Flash platform. Flex developers found it very simple to develop their projects during a time when developing web based applications was challenging. The flexibility and robust nature of the platform made programmers using various other technologies to switch into the Flex platform.

Flex programmers are now excited about the latest developments which are happening to the platform which has attained a significant place in the Apache Foundation from its initial incubating stage. The project also revealed that version 4.9 will be available for Flex which is now being called as Apache Flex by every Flex developer involved in such developments. And this new version has several new bug fixes with a widened internationalization support. For nations such as Australia, Britain, Canada, Greece, Switzerland (German) and Portugal, localization attributes have been added which enhances the project developments in those regions.

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A Flex programmer can compile the software development kit in such a way to work with Flash versions 10.2 through the updated version 11.5. Volunteers, dedicated for the development of the framework and the huge community of Flex experts from various parts of the world have made contributions to the development of the SDK as well as the installer. With such enhanced developments happening to the platform, renowned experts of internet based applications have put forth their expectations from the updated version.


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