ADA Compliance and Accessibility Testing

Provide An Effortless Experience For Your Differently Abled Consumer Base With Our ADA Compliance Services.

Ensuring An Equal User Experience For The Differently Abled And Helping You Stay On Track With Ada Compliance Testing

30 million people in the USA are differently-abled. This group comprises people with hearing problems, vision problems as well as cognitive issues. For most of these people, it becomes a challenge to navigate websites effortlessly. They may have web-impacting disabilities which makes it tough for them to have a seamless experience on eCommerce websites that you would wish for your consumer to have.

At DCKAP, we have a team of ADA (Americans with Disability Act) experts who help you fulfill these challenges. Our service does not only analyze how your website is perceived by the differently-abled but also suggest the required changes to make it compatible for your targeted users. We work with multiple platforms and technologies; so irrespective of your platform-we would chart out the ideal plan for you to follow.

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Here Is How We Can Help You To Achieve It


Our main focus would be finding the issues which violate WCAG 2.1 Level A (Basic compliance) and Level AA (necessary compliance).

Verification Touchpoints:
  • Perceivable interface and user information
  • Operable user interface and navigation
  • Understandable user interface
  • Robust content and reliable interpretation

What Is Digital Accessibility?

Digital accessibility refers to the ability of any website or application to make it easy to navigate. It mainly intends at reaching a wider range of users with cognitive, motor, auditory and visual disabilities. We promote equality for all of our clients, merchants and their target consumer base; hence ADA compliance is an important part of our process.

As a merchant, even the biggest eCommerce hosts such as Amazon, Netflix have been called out for not complying with ADA. Even though it is an act made for people offering services in all walks of life, eCommerce merchants find it a lot more difficult to adopt ADA compliance particularly. Our tailor-made accessibility service helps our clients to fulfill their compliance needs.


Why Is Accessibility Important?

We help you comply with WCAG 2.1 guidelines and ADA. Apart from ensuring that nobody from your consumer base feels differentiated, here are some more advantages of using website accessibility compliance services:
  • Protects you from legal threats pertaining to ADA compliance
  • Fulfill the social responsibility that you wish to achieve
  • Helps in increasing your market share and reach
  • Facilitates expansion of your application user group
  • Helps you rank better in SEO

Here are some more reasons why we think ADA compliance solutions are absolutely necessary for you as an eCommerce merchant.

What Harm Can Non-ADA Compliance Do To Your Website?

Here is how your website can suffer in case of Non-ADA compliance:
  • Stand a chance of being sued with a lawsuit
  • Lesser reach and more bounce rate due to lack of user friendliness
  • Reduced market share
  • Brand damage due to differentiation and lack of equality
  • Dip in website rankings

Read on to know what negative impact non-ADA compliance can have on your website.


What ADA Compliance Issues Can We Analyze For You?

We help you comply with web content accessibility guidelines. Our ADA experts ensure that your website is more user-friendly for the differently-abled by providing accessibility compliance solutions to the following issues:
  • Having improper keyboard support
  • Lack of sensory cues
  • Inconsistent Navigation on the website
  • Glitches in providing controlled user experience
  • Missing relevant context in the visual content
  • Giving suggestions for irrelevant text of alt images
  • Increased misuse of forms

Our Unique Approach

Our process entails the following steps:
  • Collecting the UI component list.
  • Prioritizing the prominent functionalities based on usage frequency.
  • Identifying the challenging elements for differently abled people.
  • Fixing the compliance level target.
Why Choose DCKAP For ADA Compliance?

DCKAP accessibility experts have in-depth experience and the mastership to dig through your application for accessibility.

In our accessibility testing services, we offer:

1. Manual ADA Compliance Audit and Verification with our human touch-based on WCAG 2.1 guidelines.
2. Conduct a complete evaluation using accessibility automated tools.
3. Accessibility Evaluation reporting.
4. Solution-Oriented Analysis for the glitches.

We work with assistive technologies like JAWS, NVDA, Windows Eyes, and Voice over to ensure that your website works only with the most viable and suitable platform.

As per Interaction Institute for Social Change(IISC) support, DCKAP ensures equality for users, while also providing easy accessibility compliance solutions

We Help You Ensure That Your Website Is Equally Accessible To Everyone