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Epicor Prophet 21 ERP Integration with Azure Cloud

Girinath A
April 5, 2022 |
Azure Cloud Epicor Prophet 21 ERP Integration

DCKAP’s Integrator is a cloud-based middleware or connector that handles data flow between multiple systems as long as there are APIs associated with them. The system could be an eCommerce or an ERP or a PIM or CRM or any custom solution. It’s basically a good platform-agnostic solution. It’s hosted on the AWS infrastructure and is a SAAS-based product. Prior to building DCKAP Integrator, DCKAP have worked with several customers (for ERP Integration), and based on common pain points, DCKAP Integrator was developed to reduce developer dependency, increase flexibility, and provide reliable data synchronization. Our extensive DCKAP Integrator documentation covers the product’s details end to end.

ERP Integration with DCKAP Integrator

DCKAP Integrator has been successfully integrated with several renowned ERPs in the industry such as Oracle Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Oracle E-Business Suite, SAP Business One, Acumatica Cloud ERP, Epicor Eclipse, Epicor P21, Epicor Prelude, Distribution One, Infor SX, and much more. The DCKAP Integrator team works on integrating these ERPs with the desired E-Commerce platforms like Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, or CRM platforms like Salesforce, Hubspot, Bronto, or tools like Cardpointe, DotDigital, or any other tools such as requested by the customers.

Multiple streams of information such as Customer data, Product attributes, Inventory quantities, Customer-based dynamic product prices, customer orders/invoices information, shipments and tracking information, etc are integrated with an automated and real-time fashion between the ERP and the E-Commerce Platforms with the help of DCKAP Integrator.

DCKAP Integrator

Role of DCKAP Integrator in Integrating Prophet 21 ERP

Epicor Prophet 21 (aka P21) is a fit-for-purpose distribution ERP for wholesale distributors. Among the wide variety of ERPs, DCKAP Integrator has more numbers of customers who predominantly use Epicor P21 ERP. DCKAP Integrator has over 40+ live customers who use P21 Integration with DCKAP Integrator in their day-to-day business activities. DCKAP Integrator enables handling complex business logic with respect to integrating P21 ERP with other business systems.

The native API provided for Epicor P21 Integration is limited in terms of maximum allowable API calls per minute (read & write), having a customized integration with Cloud P21. To solve these pain points, DCKAP Integrator provides its own custom API specifically built for P21 Integration which doesn’t have any limitations for connecting with P21 ERP.

In 2021, DCKAP Integrator encountered some clients who use Epicor’s Cloud Azure Prophet 21. Epicor Prophet 21 is one of the Cloud ERP Solutions built for distribution, deployed on Microsoft Azure. With distribution-specific features, it empowers distributors to take advantage of cloud computing benefits and transform businesses to adapt to new competitive pressures.

Dashboard: Azure Cloud P21

The Prophet 21 system was optimized specifically for the Microsoft SQL Server because the efficiencies gained can dramatically increase business performance. Customers link business applications with Prophet 21 and share data without manual importing and exporting. The customers can use the API to customize and extend Prophet 21 internally, or as an integration point for their business partners.

Dashboard Azure Cloud P21

Our clients CW Hayden, Affiliated Parts, Reznor Parts Base Solutions, and AFI Tools use Epicor’s Cloud Azure Prophet 21. They approached the DCKAP Integrator team to help them with integrating the Cloud Azure P21 and their respective E-Commerce Platforms like Magento and BigCommerce. All these years DCKAP Integrator has been helping clients with integrating with the On-premise versions using its own custom-built P21 API but in 2021 it was a new experience integrating with the Cloud Azure P21 because it supports only the native P21 Middleware.

DCKAP Integrator embarked on this new challenge and adapted to the P21 Middleware by making some modifications in the DCKAP Integrator flows and mapping accordingly. Now, DCKAP Integrator has the capability to integrate smoothly with the P21 middleware. The DCKAP Integrator team received access to the P21 Middleware for each service, configured it accordingly, and ensured a smooth integration of data between the Azure Cloud P21 ERP and the Ecommerce Platforms.

Order Entry Screen: Azure Cloud P21

Order Entry Screen Azure Cloud P21

Epicor P21 Middleware – A boon to today’s Integrations

Epicor Azure Cloud P21 Middleware enhances Customer experience in fine-tuning the customer focus, helps to modernize customers’ sales approach, value-added services, gives B2B buyers a B2C experience in eCommerce, scale and grow with complete visibility in Inventory and Supply Chain Management, automated for efficiency and accuracy in Warehouse Management, track and manage finances with clarity in Finance & Accounting, Take decisive action with clear data in Business Intelligence, Integrate every aspect of the business for the distributors.

One of the major advantages for the clients using the P21 Middleware is that it will be hosted in the Epicor Azure environment so that the clients need not bear the expense of setting up dedicated server space. The APIs required for most of the integration services are readily available in the P21 Middleware suite so that the integration using DCKAP Integrator with the other systems is made simpler and time-efficient. We were able to handle the complex pricing structures for the variant products using the P21 Middleware for one of our customers. This proved to be one of the greatest case studies for the DCKAP Integrator product.

We envision more DCKAP Integrator Integration projects using P21 Middleware in the near future. Many of our P21 customers have been discussing with us their plan of migrating from their On-premise versions to the Azure Cloud Prophet 21 in 2022. DCKAP Integrator team is proud of being able to help their customers migrate to the Azure Cloud versions of P21. Also, lately, we are seeing a rise in the number of Azure Cloud P21 prospects approaching DCKAP’s DCKAP Integrator for their integration requirements.

Girinath A

Girinath is a Senior Business Analyst with vast experience in Integrations of SaaS products across various platforms such as ERP, eCommerce, CRM, and other customer solutions. He also plays a role as a Solution Consultant showcasing the Product features to the prospects and providing solutions to the B2B customers based on their Business requirements. He acts as a liaison among the stakeholders and ensures the customers achieve the desired results. In his free time, he enjoys playing cricket, traveling to interesting places, taking part in adventure sports, and tour vlogging.

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