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Drupal Blogging Features

November 21, 2009

Blogger API support – Users can now post and update content on their Drupal site using different external GUI applications such as blog tools for customized action. The blogger API lets you modify and update content using non-web browser tools that offer a more user friendly editing environment.

Content Syndication – For easier use of access for users across to gather and get notified of the contents posted, Drupal exports the content in RSS/ RDF format with which any user having a News Aggregator can browse the site feeds and be up-to-date.

News Aggregator – A powerful built-in News Aggregator is embedded with Drupal which will let you get news from other websites and blogging news in common formats such as RDF and RSS. It’s easy to embed a feed with News Aggregator in your Drupal site which will cache articles to MySQL database with user configured cache time.

Permalinks – The entire content loaded in a Drupal site is connected with each other using permanent links or Permalink. It will ensure users can browse through all the pages without being obstructed by broken links.