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Product Customizer – Build Your Own Product

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Product Customizer gives customers the feeling of empowerment – very similar to that of a child that makes her own unique designs with toy building bricks.

Product Customizer allows customers to personalize every detail of their custom product. It allows customers to change attributes like color, pattern, texts and images and visualize their end custom product.

Giving the customers the freedom to build their own products gives them greater confidence in decision making.

Product Customizer module can be readily integrated with your Magento eCommerce store.

Admin Features:
  •  Simple to understand and well organized backend functionalities. No coding skills required at any point.
  • Admin can define and save each product’s customization attributes in the Magento library.
  • Custom pricing option – you can classify price for each element applied in the customization and increase the final designed product price if needed.
  • Product preview area can be positioned easily with drag option and also adjust canvas area height and width effortlessly.
  • Admin can enable or disable the text and image options.
  • The settings for text can be adjusted by Admin.
  • Admin can set the boundary area for the text and images to be displayed.
 Front-end Features:
  • Customers can customize and design their final product using the attributes defined in Magento admin.
  • Customers can apply colors to individual product layers from a palette of pre-determined colors.
  • Customers can view images of multiple views of the product they designed.
  • Customers can add and design their text.
  • Customers can add images to the products they design.

Product Customizer is flexible and versatile and can customize bikini, T-Shirt, Men Suit, Shoe, Cup, Sofa, Watch, Cap or any other product.

A Visual Walk Through of Product Customizer

For example, let us take a sofa. This sofa can be designed or customized with color, pattern etc.

 For e.g. patterns can be customized as shown below…  Colors too can be customized…


 For sofa, Product Customizer has attributes like ‘inches’ as shown below.


For other products we may have size like S(Small), M(Medium), L(Large) for men suits or like 10A,10B,10C for bikini or like 7/41,8/42,9/43 for shoes .

These concepts can be easily added in admin.

Product Customizer – Value Added e-Commerce
  • When customers craft their own products, it increases their satisfaction.
  • Higher profits can also be expected if customer satisfaction is high.
  • Increased loyalty and share of wallet.
  • More precise information about the demand.
  • Willingness to pay premium price.
  • Reduced cost of capital.
  • Increased brand equity.

Please feel free to get in touch with us. We will be happy to show you a demo of the Product Customizer.

Amala Loganathan

Author Amala Loganathan

Amala is a Product lead for Productimize, a product customization solution from DCKAP, with vast experience in developing eCommerce solutions and transforming business needs into technical specifications. Passionate about anything and everything in eCommerce.

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