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8 Reasons to Choose SAP Hybris as Your eCommerce platform

Kalashree P
September 20, 2019 |

SAP Hybris is one of the most advanced solutions for eCommerce platform development implemented by global enterprises like Samsung, Nike, Verizon, Adidas, Lebara, Vodafone, etc.

Hybris is one of the prime choices in this niche market space for the top companies in the US, UK, and several parts of Europe as well. The technology is primarily applied in business and shopping industries. It provides businesses with multiple technological advantages. That is why many partnerships opt for Hybris development and choose to migrate to it from other eCommerce platforms. The fact that Hybris has been acquired by SAP means that we are going to see more features and capabilities of the technology in the times to come.

SAP Hybris is named a Leader in Gartner’s 2017 Magic Quadrant Report for Digital Commerce. That’s how esteemed and trusted this platform is.

Hybris as an eCommerce Platform

Let us take a look at the top factors why enterprise-level companies trust(ed) Hybris for building and launching a world-class site.

  1. Business Accelerators
  2. Cockpit Structure
  3. Flexible Solution
  4. Integrated but Modular
  5. Multi Everything
  6. Copes with Many Streams of Big Data
  7. Creates a Contextual Experience
  8. Integration with SAP Software

Business Accelerators

Accelerate your business like never before.

Hybris offers Enterprises with the best business practices. These include accelerators for Business to Consumer (B2C) which provides multi-language and multichannel functionalities, along with direct engagement with clients and customers.

Business to Business (B2B) accelerators include large scale deals coupled with long-term payments. It also offers Telco, the functionality of ordering products coupled with subscriptions and services.

Cockpit Structure

Segregate to sell faster and smarter.

Hybris cockpits are designated application sections with a specific focus, thus making them highly useful to manage businesses in the backend. It also has a large number of highly configurable components which can be used to build a new cockpit for customers’ needs.

Some of the in-house cockpits are Web Content Management System (WCMS) and Product Cockpit Module, which allows users to organize product information and catalogs. Whereas the Back office Administration Cockpit offers a lot of flexibility – it offers Enterprises with the required elements and business logic which can be easily customized for specialized business processes.

Cockpits in Hybris

Flexible Solution

Customize your online store, the way you want.

The Hybris solution is highly flexible, which offers businesses unique customization opportunities. SAP Hybris outperforms most of the competing B2B platforms when it comes to efficiency and scalability. Its back-office Administration Cockpit has business logic and consists of reasonably independent components.

Every site is different from one another and, with Hybris, merchants can assure their online store speaks for the products and services they deal with. Building and customizing a site has never been this effective and influential.

Integrated yet Modular

Any Hybris built store can be integrated with as many features and functionalities. At the same time, it is also highly modular.

Here, it is essential to note the Hybris eCommerce platform is made of modules, which means, there is very little co-dependency between modules. Thus, it makes Hybris flexible and easy to use for users throughout the organization.


Hybris offers multi-language, multi-vendor, and multichannel opportunities. Gartner positions the SAP Hybris solution in the 2018 Magic Quadrant report for multichannel campaign management.

Another exciting innovation within SAP Hybris Commerce is that it allows businesses to network with customers and clients regardless of location with the help of Omni Commerce Connect. Channels may include websites, mobile, social media, email, programmatic advertising, call centers, and direct mail.

Omni Commerce Connect allows people to leverage new channels and touchpoints, thus improving customer interactions and boosting conversion rates.

In today’s digital world, there is a multitude of sales and communication channels, including company websites, iOS and Android applications, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, email newsletters, call centers, programmatic advertising, and more. No matter how many channels there are, businesses can venture into as many as possible to uplift your brand.

Cope with Many Streams of Big Data

Hybris has been architected to handle high volumes of traffic and a large scale scope of B2B orders. It has also been designed to handle B2C company processes which tend to be quite elaborate. The persistence layer within the product allows for database data storage and retrieval.

Companies standing to gain the most from this product include large scale telecom service providers such as Lebara, which is Europe’s leading telecom operator dedicated to migrant communities.

Irrespective of how large the data your eCommerce site processes, every piece of information can be handled and stored diligently with Hybris platform.

Large Data Handling in Hybris

Creates Contextual Experience

Offer enriching shopping experiences to customers.

Hybris allows the creation of contextual experiences by interacting with customers across multiple channels. At the same time, it delivers relevant content such as the timely value of providing offers which are compatible with organizational and customer needs. By this, businesses can understand the customer behavior and engage them accordingly by staying with them throughout the user journey. This ensures better user targeting to serve higher purposes of customer retention and satisfaction.

Integration with SAP Software

The SAP/Hybris Integration framework offers a ready-to-use integration of Hybris with SAP back-end product, and data exchange between the two systems using Hybris Data Hub and web services.

Integration with SAP Hybris Marketing helps for real-time analysis of customers, data aggregation, building profiles, segmentation, providing marketing recommendations, and more.


Choosing Hybris for your eCommerce development not only helps you to handle a high load of data and provide multi-channel opportunities. It does much more, and puts your company on global viewpoints amidst the top brands who have built their sites with Hybris.

Scale faster, send products to market quicker, and sell more with Hybris. Need help in building best in class site with Hybris? Our solution specialists are always there to help you succeed. Take a look at the wide range of Hybris services DCKAP offers, and get in touch to explore more!

Kalashree P

Kalashree P is a Adobe Certified Professional - Magento Commerce Developer at DCKAP. Having 2+ years of experience, she had worked on SAP-Hybris and working on Magento platforms. When she is not working, she can be usually found watching Supernatural Horror Fantasy series or making Terrace Garden.

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