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Taxi Beeper

Taxi Beeper Ltd, Company, which is situated in England, decided to provide their customers one centralized location to book a cab to a destination based on a standard fare calculator. Taxi Beeper to develop an iOS app. Geo-location data had to be captured in this application, and multiple payment gateways had to be enabled to perform transactions. Driver and Client would be looped together to identify the pick-up and drop-off locations. Fare would need to be calculated based on the distance travelled. Auto generated receipt had to be implemented

DCKAP Solution for the Taxi Beeper

Our iOS app developers developed driver and passenger application has registration and login forms in order to sign in or sign up to the application. The geo-location data is captured and a request through the external API key is sent after satisfying the parameters. The cash amount is calculated based on the standard fares provided by the external API. When the cab driver and geo-location data meets, a cash transfer takes place. In order to reduce the amount the third party API takes a portion for every transaction, payment amount is memorized, and is only processed after 10 payment transactions.


Home-of-Attention created from a joint project of the company Neurofit and titanium Commerce Continental Services GmbH. This German based company was founded in 2011. Home Of Attention provides software solutions based on years of sound knowledge and methods of researchers/developers from neuroscience. Basically the idea behind this iPad application was to measure the brain activity by connecting the iPad to an external device. Values obtained through the external device will help doctors and neurologists to understand the brain reaction of the patients and also to prevent Alzheimer, migraine and AD(H)D.

DCKAP Solution for Home-of-Attention

An external device called Neurosky has to be connected to the iPad device manually. This external device worn on the forehead would detect different brain activities while the user undergoes various emotions/artifacts. The feedback procedure is controlled and computed by automated algorithms that are adaptive to different users and learning situations. Based on these different values fetched from the external device, a graph is plotted to represent the user’s brain reaction. Seamless graph was implemented by using high frequency/complex values from the external device.

Otto Bock

Otto Bock Corporation is a million dollar company based in Germany, with branches all over the world. Ottobock has been responsible for several innovations in prosthetics, including the pyramid adapter (a highly adjustable linkage for prosthetic parts) and the C-Leg, a computerized knee that adaptively varies its passive resistance to suit the patients' different walking gaits. Details about patients in Ottobock are being entered in hard copy, and the same will be fed into the central database which houses a desktop .exe application as front end. The Ottobock iPad app is being created to reduce the time required to re-enter patient details in the desktop application.

DCKAP Solution for the Otto Bock

The scope for our iOS app programmers was to create an iPad app where Otto Bock doctors can enter patient details, as well as fill out forms and charts that furnish details regarding their patients. The purpose of the app was not only to include patient information, but also to create an Assessment Form and Measurement Chart for Lower Limb Prosthetics. The user can add new patients, and fill in their respective details. Information about already existing patients can be searched by using the patient ID, first, and last name. The Assessment Form, and Measurement Chart of patients can be added offline, while at the same time being sent to the server database after the establishing an internet connection. Measurement charts are the pictorial representation of the parts of the human body with easy data inputting method implemented by our iOS app developers.

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