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Are you a distributor using Distribution One ERP for streamlining your operations?
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Distribution One Integration

Keep all endpoints connected to your Distribution One ERP

Don’t keep your ERP working in SILO. Connect it with eCommerce platforms and marketplaces, CRM, SCM, and other third-party applications and realize the benefits of unified workflow for yourself.

Distribution one Applications

Integrating Distribution One with an eCommerce store

Is your online store running on platforms like Magento, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, & SAP Commerce Cloud? Communicate orders, inventory & SKUs in real time between ERP and eCommerce.

Distribution one Applications

Integrating Distribution One with CRM

Combine business data like product availability, with on-demand sales data like customer history & prospect segmentation, and accelerate customer relationship management.

Distribution one Applications

Integrating Distribution One with SCM

Pass on shipment details, recipient data, and other logistics and customer service information between Distribution One and your supply chain software.

Distribution one Applications

Integrating Distribution One with Marketplace

Level up your distribution business by connecting Distribution One with B2B marketplaces tailormade for distributors that you might be running your products on.

Distribution one Applications

Integrating Distribution One with Third-Party Software

There may be other key software you must use for performing your business functions. DCKAP Integrator can connect your Distribution One with any of them using the software’s native API, or DCKAP Integrator custom made API for the software if needed.

Key Data Points to Integrate Distribution One ERP

DCKAP Integrator provides connectors for Distribution One that synchronize critical business data to be available for all teams real-time.

Sales & Orders

  • Quotations
  • Order Inquiry 
  • Credit Memos
  • Analysis Data

Product Purchase

  • Purchase Orders
  • Goods Tracking
  • Purchase Audit Data

Financial Data

  • Accounts Payable & Receivable
  • Bill Processing Data
  • Cash Receipts


  • Contract Price
  • Volume Price
  • Margin Price
  • Future Price

Inventory Information

  • Stock Status
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Item Number
  • Warehouse locations

Customer Data

  • Contact Information
  • Purchase History
  • Shipping & Billing Address

Cutting edge integration features for Distribution One ERP synchronization

Flow designer

Pre-Built Connectors

DCKAP Integrator offers connectors to integrate your Distribution One ERP with any other application.

Reporting and analytics

Multi-Platform Integration

Connect any number of applications using sophisticated pipe builders and flow designers.

Advanced mapping and modifiers

Cutting Edge User Interface

DCKAP Integrator integration platform provides you best-in-class UI and UX, with drag and drop features and minimal coding effort.

Pre-built connector

Flow Designer

An easy pseudo-code based interface for setting up and deploying your Distribution One integrations.

Multi platform integration

Advanced Mapping & Modifiers

A comprehensive module to set up complex data transfer and field connection logic in no time.

Cutting edge user interface

Reporting & Analytics

A complete tool to measure and analyze the number of transactions, successful and failed ones, as well as comparison graphs.

Flexible scheduler

Detailed Logger

Track every data transfer coupled with step-by-step debugging in case of failed transactions.

Secure Platform

Flexible Scheduler

Schedule the timing & frequency for your systems to communicate or set it up to synchronize data in real-time.

Detailed logger

Completely Secure Platform

DCKAP Integrator – A GDPR compliant platform ensures complete security of your data through encrypted transactions and SSL certifications.

Seamlessly connect Distribution One
to all your business end points

Is your business running on these applications? Realize a Unified Workflow by connecting them with Distribution One.

Wholesalers & Distributors who reached boundaries
by integrating Distribution One ERP

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For small businesses with limited integration needs, beginning to transition from manual or primitive integration solutions to a full-fledged Distribution One integration automation solution.


For mid-sized businesses with a considerable amount of integration needs and looking to further improve their workflow efficiencies by synchronizing multiple applications.


For enterprise businesses having advanced integration requirements, handling huge quantums of data and requiring a sophisticated Distribution One integration solution.

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