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Integrate and Innovate

Integrate And Innovate

Manage complexity by reinventing the way
your business operations happen.

  • Scale your business faster
  • Better Inventory Management
  • Centralized repository of information
  • Real-time data synchronization
  • Eliminates manual data entry
  • Reduction of data errors
  • Order fulfillment simplified
  • Assess the workflow management
  • Handle sudden spike in sales
  • Omnichannel data consolidation
  • Improved customer relationships


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Plug and Play

BigCommerce integrations are simple and straightforward. No hassles involved. Connects your ERP – eCommerce – CRM in no time.

Mapping Modifiers

Incorporate all your complex business logic without any developer support. Advanced mapping, amplify selling.

Real-time Sync

Addressing concerns that cost your sales with friction-free sync of data between the systems with BigCommerce POS Integration.

Pre-built Connectors

Instant and transparent BigCommerce API Integration. A single connector to connect however you want, in any way you want.

Achieve Multichannel Success

Meet your expanding customer needs and manage your business
with smart integration of all important business use cases.

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Why busy people love DCKAP Integrator

“I was testing the interface a couple minutes ago and you guys did a great job on DCKAP Integrator. It was super easy for me to map that Order Type field on the Magento Order integration.”

Rodrigo Neves

Technology Officer, Midland Scientific, Inc.

“DCKAP provided unparalleled service and support from our very first meeting through website launch. Both their design and development teams are some of the industry’s best made visible through their subject matter expertise, attention to detail and most importantly response times. We turned to DCKAP’s – DCKAP Integrator when our largest account needed us to integrate an e-procurement system. From there we designed and developed a new website featuring this function in only a few months’ time. We have been consistently impressed with this company and have recommended them to numerous friends and colleagues. If a highly personalized Magento website with unique function is what you desire I would look no further than DCKAP.”

Kendall Ducote, Vice President, Technology

Moody Price

“The team DCKAP Integrator is simply the best. We are very pleased with their attention to detail, availability and most importantly, their knowledge and expertise to deliver on time and according to requirements. We have complex requirements with our personalization and appreciate the data flow they created between our two platforms.”

Jessi Smithson, Project Manager

Cathy’s Concepts

Stories of Success

Aliquantum International

Aliquantum International Inc.

Know how data was blended between BigCommerce and Distribution One ERP for superior growth and endeavour.

Santoro London

Santoro London

Reducing Complexity and helping make informed decisions with Distribution One ERP and BigCommerce Integrations.

ASG Jergens

ASG Jergens

Inspiring the growth and solving business-level challenges with Epicor P21 ERP and BigCommerce Integrations.

Cathy’s Concepts

Cathy’s Concepts

Automation of data that led to innovation with integration between BigCommerce and Distribution One. Know the story.


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