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Simplify your eCommerce Integration for Greater Profitability

Simplify eCommerce Integration with DCKAP Integrator, the No. 1 ERP Integration Platform that boosts efficiency and profitability for distributors

Increase eCommerce Success and Profitability with Seamless Integration

When your ecommerce platform talks to your other vital systems, you can have greater success and enjoy a more seamless experience. DCKAP Integrator makes this more than possible – it makes it simple. Integrate leading eCommerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, EvolutionX, SAP, Salesforce, Magento, and more.

Syncing Data Propelled Business Growth for Midland Scientific

DCKAP Integrator connected Magento 2 and Epicor P21 for Midland Scientific streamlining operations, improving workflow, and boosting productivity.

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Midland Scientific

Marysville Marine Distributors Aligned Its ERP and eCommerce Platforms Across Multiple Locations

When DCKAP Integrator connected the company’s business applications, automated workflows, improved customer and employee experiences, and high performance resulted.

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Keep Data in Sync

Improve Profitability and Efficiency with eCommerce Integration Platform

  • Greatly reduce time spent on inefficient and error-prone manual tasks
  • Leverage unified data to make ideal business decisions and forecasts
  • Experience instant communication of real-time data between your systems
  • Provide a synchronized omnichannel experience for your customers
  • Capture growth as fast as it comes into your eCommerce channel
  • Supply sales with the most accurate data on inventory and product availability

Data that Works for You

DCKAP Integrator syncs data across your systems. The process is automated, eliminating the frustrations of manual entry and misalignment from one system to another.

An Always-Accurate View of Inventory

Data that’s synced and available in real-time between systems and platforms means you’re always seeing the right amount of inventory, giving you better control and preventing over- or under-selling.

A Sales Funnel that Performs

When your eCommerce is integrated with your CRM, that means order, customer, and product data flows easily between them, allowing you to optimize your sales funnel.

Improved Functionality for Faster Fulfilment

With your eCommerce platform and ERP system integrated, you can make great improvements in areas relevant to the order fulfillment cycle – making it faster and more seamless.

Closer Attention to Customer Detail

DCKAP Integrator unifies your customer data from integrated systems. This gives you a more detailed and accurate perspective of your customers, so you can better meet their needs. 


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Multi-Platform Integration Made Simple

DCKAP allows eCommerce integrations with many systems and platforms, including ERP, CRM, PIM, and more.

Two-Way eCommerce Conversation

Information flows back and forth between systems automatically, making for a bidirectional integration that keeps your systems talking in real time.

Automation that Carries the Load

DCKAP Integrator takes on your complex business logic and processes, automating them so you can focus on building your business.

Instant Data Synchronization

Data is synchronized in real-time across integrated systems, eliminating inefficient manual manipulation and transfer, so you – and your systems – are operating with accurate data at all times.

Developer-Less Data Mapping

DCKAP Integrator accomplishes the data mapping necessary to sync your eCommerce data fields to the data fields of systems you integrate – doing the magic of getting the systems on the same page, using your business logic, sans developer.

Self-Sustaining Scheduling

For scheduling and batch processing, set up your schedules in DCKAP Integrator and let the technology handle the rest.