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Integrator Overview

Get your systems talking automatically without draining your resources. Create custom integrations with DCKAP Integrator now.


Discover the power of the DCKAP Integrator Dashboard, your one-stop control center for managing and analyzing your integration projects.

What are Projects?

Explore the functionality of the ‘Projects’ in Integrator. Learn how to effectively share, collaborate, and manage your integration needs.

Creating and Managing Projects

Discover how to create and manage projects in DCKAP Integrator and learn to enable email alerts.

How to Add a New User?

Learn how to add new users and manage them within your Integrator projects.

How to Add an Existing User to a Project?

Learn how to add an existing user to your Integrator project.

How to Create User Groups?

The groups enable project owners & administrators to grant consistent access levels. Learn how.

Add or Remove a User from User Groups?

Learn how to add and remove users from a user group in Integrator.

What are Pipes?

Learn how pipes form the arteries of our Integrator, ensuring a smooth and efficient flow of data.

What is a Modifier?

Modifier allows the user to concatenate fields, convert values, or make other adjustments.

What are Flow Builders?

A flow is a logic that is created by you, the business, on how you would like for things to be called/pushed in an API call.

What is an API?

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) act as the invisible connectors that make your software work seamlessly. Learn everything about it.

What are Systems and APIs

Understand how Integrator uses APIs to bridge disparate systems, fostering secure and efficient data flow.

What is Help and Support

Stay updated with release notes, and for direct assistance, Raise a Ticket is just a click away. From blogs to video tutorials and comprehensive documentation, we’ve got you covered.

How to ‘Raise a Ticket”

Raise a Ticket helps you request assistance & monitor your ticket status through My Tickets. You can access shared tickets using Shared With Me & review previous interactions with Closed Tickets.

Generic Video Resources

System Integration for Distributors

See how your orders, inventory, and customer data flow effortlessly, eliminating bottlenecks and ensuring smooth operations. Empower yourself with valuable data and enhanced customer experience through system integration.

Distribution Industry and eCommerce Adoption

Bharani Nagarathnam, Associate Professor at Texas A&M University addresses the key question that distributors need to address on eCommerce adoption.

Elevate Your Distribution Business with AI

Discover AI’s influence on distribution from basic inventory systems to today’s cutting-edge technologies. Learn how to optimize customer support, sales, and marketing, plus automate accounting with AI.

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ERP Integration made simple for Distributors.

Transform your commerce journey by creating an integrated experience for employees and customers.