Salesforce Integrator for ERP & eCommerce

See how DCKAP Integrator connects Salesforce with your ERP and ecommerce platform to automate manual processes.

Boost sales and customer retention with a Salesforce Integrator that just works

Empower your team with seamless integration that connects Salesforce with your ERP, ecommerce platform, and other third-party apps.

Automatic bidirectional data transfers between systems

Sync data across all your systems with automatic bidirectional data transfers enabled by DCKAP Integrator to streamline your operations, improve efficiency, and gain real-time insights.

A single source of truth for all sales and customer data

Eliminate data silos and achieve a single source of truth for all customer insights in your company.

Custom Integrations

Create custom integrations with ease using our flexible flow designers and pre-built connectors to meet your evolving needs.

Hybrid Connectivity

Unlock the power of hybrid connectivity and connect any of your business applications, whether on-premise, cloud, embedded or hybrid, with DCKAP.

Multi-Platform Support

Unleash the full potential of our Salesforce integration with multi-platform support. You can also connect to thousands of third-party apps.

Scalable Architecture

Work with a solution that can grow with your business. With DCKAP Integrator, you can integrate new systems and technologies as your business evolves.

DCKAP Integrator

Rodrigo Neves,

Director Of Information
Technology, Midland

“[DCKAP Integrator] is a great product and it is helping our company to integrate our multiple systems easily. …We can also monitor the performance of our integration, and we receive a notification right away when synchronization fails.”

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What is Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Salesforce Commerce Cloud, formerly known as Demandware, is an enterprise ecommerce platform that helps businesses sell online along with managing orders, streamlining inventory and warehouse fulfillment, and pull reports to make data-driven decisions.

If your business is fully immersed in the Salesforce ecosystem, it can be worthwhile to stick with Salesforce Commerce Cloud as it is easier to integrate it fully with Salesforce Sales Cloud, Pardot (a.k.a. Salesforce Marketing Cloud), Service Cloud, etc.

What is DCKAP Integrator?

Formerly known as Cloras, DCKAP Integrator is the number one ERP data integration platform for distributors. We help you connect your ERP, ecommerce and CRM platforms to enrich customer data, maximize efficiency, and increase profitability.

What brands does DCKAP Integrator help sync?

We work with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Salesforce, SAP, Adobe, Epicor, Sage, Oracle, BigCommerce, Shopify, and Microsoft. Check out some of our customer success stories here.

What is a Salesforce system integrator?

A Salesforce system integrator is a company that specializes in integrating Salesforce with ecommerce platforms, ERP systems, marketing automation tools, CRMs, etc. The goal of a great system integrator is to enrich customer data and provide more streamlined operations.

These integration projects may also include customizations, like creating custom objects in Salesforce or building out complex automation workflows.

In fact, DCKAP Integrator is a product/middleware that helps achieve required integrations.

What is the difference between a Salesforce developer and a Salesforce integrator?

A Salesforce developer is focused on developing and writing code within the Salesforce platform. Most Salesforce developers spend a lot of training and getting Salesforce certifications.
On the other hand, a Salesforce integrator is more focused on harnessing the power of Salesforce to connect key systems end-to-end and streamline business operations.

What are the optimal business processes for working with a system integrator?

This can include, but is not limited to defining your specific business requirements and thoroughly vetting potential integrators to evaluating their experience, agreeing on project specs, and ensuring ongoing support and maintenance.

I’m ready to simplify my distributor business. Anything I can see before scheduling my demo?

Absolutely. Check out a product walkthrough here to get a good idea of some of DCKAP Integrator’s key features and how they work.

Unlock the full potential in your business with DCKAP Integrator

WG Henschen Unlocked Better Customer Service and Improved Revenue with DCKAP

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Danny S.
Vice President, Maintex Inc.