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Customer Relationships Made Simple

Experience more meaningful customer connections. By integrating Salesforce with your ERP, ecommerce and third-party systems, you can unify data and gain greater customer insight.

Improve Customer Retention With Salesforce CRM Integration

DCKAP Integrator makes it easy to connect Salesforce to your surrounding tech stack, so you can enhance the customer experience and increase retention.

See How Nalpac Scaled Operations and Unified Data with DCKAP

Nalpac wanted to synchronize orders and minimize time spent on manual data entry. DCKAP Integrator automated workflows and ensured data accuracy by connecting Salesforce to Nalpac’s ERP platform Epicor.

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Everything Your Customers Need to Succeed

Salesforce Integration Boosts Sales and Improves the Customer Journey

Integrating Salesforce with other essential business systems will give your team the tools needed to support customers at every step of their journey. Unlock functions like:

  • Automatic, bidirectional data transfers between systems
  • Real-time, centralized customer data
  • Order and fulfillment updates
  • Automated data entry
  • Insight into marketing and sales funnels
  • Credit availability and invoicing

Custom Integrations

With flexible flow designers and pre-built connectors, you can easily customize your integration and make adjustments along the way.

Hybrid Connectivity

Integrate Salesforce with on-premise, cloud, embedded or hybrid systems. DCKAP makes it easy to connect to any business application.

Multi-Platform Support

Connect to leading software solutions or integrate Salesforce with thousands of third-party applications. Nothing is off-limits with DCKAP Integrator.

Scalable Architecture

DCKAP Integrator is easily scalable, so you can integrate new systems as your business grows and adopts new technologies.


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