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Simple CRM integration to optimize customer relationships

A CRM that’s integrated with your ERP, ecommerce and other backend tools means customer data from across systems is synced, up-to-date and relevant.

Leverage Customer Relationships with Seamless CRM Integration

Understand your customers from a more holistic perspective to serve them better. DCKAP Integrator makes the integration process simple, automatically syncing data from top CRM systems such as Salesforce, HubSpot, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Discover How Nalpac Used DCKAP Integrator to Link Salesforce and P21

DCKAP Integrator enabled automatic data transfer between Nalpac’s CRM and ERP, so all order details and customer information are the same across the system.

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Constant Customer Data Flow

Integrate CRM and other systems to amplify your impact.

  • Simplify data management with unified, real-time customer data
  • Have a singular view of both online and offline customer data
  • Improve the customer experience using insights and expediency
  • Lift customer satisfaction through improved response and accuracy
  • Make data-informed decisions around sales focus and efficiency
  • Capture opportunities as they’re relevant with constant data flow

The Latest Data at All Times

DCKAP Integrator syncs data in real-time, so you’re seeing the most relevant, up-to-date information from across your systems.

Zero-Effort Data Synchronization

Data synchronization between your CRM and other systems occurs automatically, reducing manual work and improving accuracy.

One Place for All Customer Data

See all the customer data you need in one location, your CRM, which serves as a single source of truth centralizing data from all integrated systems.

Better Business Decisions

DCKAP Integrator facilitates data synchronization that makes it easier to analyze trends and behaviors to improve and streamline your approach to customers and sales.

Enhanced Lead Conversions

Having the most relevant, accurate data available in one centralized system allows you to optimize your customer sales funnel.

Improved Customer Relationships

Integrating your systems with DCKAP Integrator means you’ll have the information you need to prevent customer churn and lost leads.


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Synced Data Delivered in Real Time

Customer data is instantly synchronized from your systems, meaning you’re always working with the most relevant information.

Integration of Multiple Systems

With DCKAP Integrator, you can integrate your CRM with many applications, including ecommerce and ERP.

Simplified Data Mapping

DCKAP Integrator syncs data fields in your CRM with integrated systems without needing a developer.

No-Sweat Transaction Security

With DCKAP Integrator, you can be confident that customer transactions and data are encrypted and secure.

Intuitive Data Logging

Customer data, including interactions and purchases, is logged and synchronized across systems to improve lead tracking and conversion.

Streamlined Automation

Automatic integrations between your CRM and other systems give your team more time to dedicate to customers.