CRM Integration

Automate your CRM Integrations with ERP, eCommerce, and other systems. DCKAP Integrator effortlessly integrates with leading CRM applications like Salesforce, Hubspot CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Sales Cloud, Netsuite, Freshsales, Zoho, and more.

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CRM Integration

Why do you need CRM Integration?

Without CRM integration, you might face the
following roadblocks:

  • Extremely dispersed customer information that becomes cumbersome to manage
  • Too much administrative overload due to manual operations
  • Inaccurate, missing or error prone data in applications
  • Difficulty in tracking customer interactions leading to a poor customer approach
  • Poor response to customer requirements and queries
  • Ineffective conversions and low sales pipeline conversion rates
  • Lack of proper delegation of activities between teams
  • Poor lead data flow resulting in missed opportunities
  • Customer dissatisfaction and a consequent increase in customer churn rates

Salient Features of CRM Integration
using DCKAP Integrator

CRM Integration using DCKAP Integrator

DCKAP Integrator for your CRM Integration

Multi-Platform Integration

Keep your CRM platform integrated with multitudes of applications such as Ecommerce and ERP.

Real Time Synchronization

Synchronize customer information from the Ecommerce platform into CRM instantly and maintain a seamless lead flow.

Advanced Mapping

Connect all customer information and order fields in CRM with that of ecommerce and ERP in one go. No developer access needed.

Secure Transactions

Ensure the complete security of your customer transactions. Using DCKAP Integrator, customer data and payments remain totally encrypted and secure.

Advanced Logging

Log every piece of customer information transferred to and from your CRM application. Keep complete track of processed leads and leads in the pipeline.

Full Fledged Automation

Automate your CRM Integrations with business applications using DCKAP Integrator and maintain efficient customer service across teams.

DCKAP Integrator Seamlessly Integrates with the Leading
CRM Applications

Benefits of CRM Integration using DCKAP Integrator

Single Source of Truth

Maintain all customer data originating from multiple applications, like Ecommerce and ERP, to your CRM. Ensure your CRM remains the single source of truth for all customer data and sales operations.

Single Source of Truth
Eliminate Manual Workload

Eliminate Manual Workload

Alleviate the burden of transferring real-time data from other applications into your CRM to DCKAP Integrator. Focus more on implementing new business functionalities and expanding your business.

Instantaneous Data Access

Integrating customer data points between your CRM application and platforms like ERP and Ecommerce ensures instant updation of all customer data originating from multiple points directly in CRM.

Instantaneous Data Access
Accelerated Pipeline Conversions

Accelerated Pipeline Conversions

Maximize lead conversions in your customer sales funnel by leveraging the appropriate customer information available in your CRM platform through Integration with Ecommerce and ERP.

Reduced Customer Drop-Outs

Reduce customer and lead drop outs through improved customer relationship management. Solve your customer pain points instantly and improve the customer experience, thereby retaining them.

Reduced Customer Drop Outs
Enhanced Decision Making

Enhanced Decision Making

Analyze customer patterns, interactions, and requirements directly from your CRM. Make appropriate decisions regarding how to target leads and how to approach your marketing and sales processes.


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