Pentaho Consultants

DCKAP deploys expert Pentaho Consultants to perform mission critical Business Intelligence activities in your Organization. We collaborate with the best in talent across the country and provide on-site assistance in in Pentaho deployment, integration with existing business suites, testing, reporting and more. We provide both Enterprise and Consulting Support for Pentaho and our BI/Pentaho Consultants collaborate with the client teams, analyse requirements and provide an end-end implementation of Business Intelligence Solution across the organization.

Pentaho Consultants

Our Pentaho Services

  • Creating Pentaho framework
  • Creating transformations and jobs using Spoon in Pentaho and running the same in remote and local servers using Carte Server
  • Conversion of Ab Initio ETL to Pentaho code
  • Analytical Slice and dice
  • ETL Plugin Development
  • Open Source Evaluation of Pentaho for the organization
  • Pentaho Infrastructure / Conversion of Ab Initio Infrastructure to Pentaho
  • Pentaho Performance Optimization
  • 24*7 Support

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