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DCKAP is one of the world's foremost digital commerce specialists.

We build, enhance, and manage enterprise eCommerce storefronts effectively. We power digital commerce for innovative brands, manufacturers, and distributors across the globe with a suite of leading products, allowing businesses of every nature to unleash their full potential.

Why are we different?

We take pride in our work culture. We have an amazing team and we understand how to leverage each other’s strengths. We have an open work culture and the majority of our business is generated through word of mouth and referrals. We also have a lean sales team, allowing us to focus on our clients and partners.

Our Story

We started our journey back in 2005 as a bootstrapped technology company, with two people, two computers, and two desks out of a small apartment in Chicago, Illinois. In 2007, DCKAP moved its headquarters to Fremont, California and then expanded operations in 2008 with a new facility in Chennai, India to curate a “geo-neutral” approach that has given us the ability to source the best talent for the job, regardless of location.

Early on, our work experience encompassed many different avenues and numerous ventures, from web design and curating email ads, to entering the mobile apps market and developing iOS applications. ‘HomeFly’ and ‘Learn Alphabets & Numbers’ are some of the early developments in iOS applications created by our team.

What began as a combination of work in web design, mobile app development, and game development, eventually grew into something more focused, particularly after the unveiling of Magento in 2007-2008. We became early adopters of Magento and also experimented with AdWords and Search Engine Optimization, eventually working towards building a team of specialists on the Magento platform, as well as having teams working with Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, iOS, Android, and Gaming.

As the years passed and we continued to strategize for the future, we realized that we needed to focus even further to centralize out efforts for success in the industry. This was when we decided to specialize in the area of digital commerce and dominate the field. In 2012, we began to focus solely on the Magento platform and scale back our work with other platforms.

By 2015, we had become an official Magento Partner, with dozens of certified developers and experts on hand, and many more being added to the team each year. We worked closely with the Magento team, understood the value of a partner ecosystem, partner marketing, and the tight knit community. Soon after, we began to expand our efforts to other key players in the industry, such as BigCommerce, Shopify, and integrative ERP systems.

In 2017, DCKAP rebranded and embraced the Rhino as our new and improved company logo to represent our new perspective. At the same time, we released our flagship product for customization, Productimize. The following year, we released two more premium products, Cloras and QA touch. Then, the year after that we launched flexiPIM, creating a full suite of digital products for a complete solution.

As our decision to dominate the field has come to fruition, we’ve made it our sole mission to enhance the customer experience and drive online revenue for our clients. Today, DCKAP is uniquely positioned to help brands, manufacturers, and distributors everywhere thrive online. While we are platform agnostic, as experts in all leading platforms, we are dedicated to creating the best experience for each and every client, and we have the certifications and skills to show for it.


Partnering for Success

Alliances with the world's most popular digital commerce platforms enable us to provide complete solutions for all types of businesses from every industry. We’ve formed partnerships and strategic alliances with world-class organizations, offering our products and services while delivering comprehensive solutions to clients.

To E-Commerce & Beyond

Today, DCKAP has emerged uniquely positioned to help brands, manufacturers, and distributors thrive online. While we are platform agnostic, we know Magento as well as anybody, and have the certifications to show for it. We have offices and team members across North America and India which allows us to pursue a “geo-neutral” approach and source the best talent for the job, regardless of location. In many cases, we’re here to answer your questions during the day, and our hard at work executing on the task at hand while you sleep.


Technology Partners

Technology alliances with the world's popular digital commerce platforms enable us to provide complete solutions to your business and IT challenges. We form partnerships and strategic alliances with world-class organizations to expand our service offerings and deliver comprehensive solutions to clients.

DCKAP’s Expertise


DCKAP has over 14+ years of experience in which we’ve delivered high-performance digital commerce solutions for over 350 clients in the B2B and B2C spaces. Our diverse team includes certified experts in Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce.








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