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10th Anniversary Celebrations at DCKAP

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Every milestone is special and must be celebrated. DCKAP’s 10th anniversary was a long awaited one and a great reason to celebrate. The team decided to break free and enjoy a day of fun and frolic at Indeco resorts, Mahabalipuram.

The day started early with a group of adults turned kids all replete with picnic gear. The mood was musical and spontaneous with dance moves that set the ball rolling. On reaching the destination – Indeco resorts, the employees made merry with masti foremost on their minds.

 A lovely black forest cake madeCake Cutting-compressed the appropriate sweet start.

The day featured interesting games which saw complete and whole hearted participation by the DCKAP family.

Blue skies and open grounds beckoned the employees to try their hands at long forgotten games like Cricket, Shuttle and Volley Ball.


In the afternoon, amazing aromas of delicacies served at the buffet wafted through the air and welcomed us for a sumptuous and delicious lunch.

The only and most satisfactory way to snooze after lunch was in the pool. We also had a celebration meeting to encourage and appreciate the team effort and the contribution of folks from the DCKAP family.



The memorable day came to an end with a team photo shoot session, which is forever etched in everyone’s mind as an eventful and repeat worthy joyous trip

Dipthi Rajagopal

Author Dipthi Rajagopal

Dipthi, Manager - HR , is passionate about people making a difference. A gregarious personality with high-levels of energy , she is committed to providing the best possible experience for the DCKAP team. Apart from supporting people finding their right path in their career, she enjoys listeninng to music and watching movies.

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