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9 Reasons How Chatbots Help To Boost eCommerce Revenue

November 11, 2020 |

What if you are shopping online and suddenly struck somewhere? You need more details about the product. But customer support calls take time, and email inquiries eat up even more time. That’s when chatbots come in handy.

A chatbot is a computer program designed to have a conversation with human beings over the internet. They are an efficient and equally fast way to provide an engaging customer experience to the shoppers.

Read further to know the need for chatbots in your eCommerce store, how they help your growth, and why you should immediately need to implement one if you don’t have one yet.

Always Available

Gartner’s study says that 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human in 2020-21. Companies will have to rely on automated tools like Chatbots for responding to customer queries.

Customers get annoyed asking the same question, again and again, lodge a complaint or make a suggestion, and then don’t receive a response for days.

But that’s not the scenario when there is a chatbot installed as the query or concern is adhered to, instantly, any time of the day. Or night.

Time Saver

No one likes waiting in a queue or hearing the dreaded “All of our agents are currently busy. Please leave a message with your name and phone number after the beep” message.

These days, website visitors contacting a brand expect to get a reply to their questions rather quickly.

A chatbot can make it easier for our customers to search documentation automatically and connect them to the information they need — much faster than they would with a customer support agent.

Customer Satisfaction

Many forms of technology can be leveraged to improve customer satisfaction, but Artificial Intelligence (AI) should be near the top of your list.

Once chatbots grasp a high level of understanding of what shoppers are asking, various customer service forms can be provided effectively.

When shoppers can make a seamless purchase without any hiccups, that’s the phase where customers are fully satisfied with your brand.

Increase Sales With Chatbots

Besides delivering information, chatbots can also influence sales. A capable chatbot can automate the sales procedure to streamline it from beginning to end.

eCommerce store owners can use chatbots to simplify your brand’s sales process and generate more sales quickly. Because 83% of online shoppers say, they require assistance while completing their orders. And 75% of the customers expect help within five minutes.

Chatbots can help provide a frictionless sales process.

Save Revenue

Since chatbots can process many questions faster than humans, your team will be able to spend time on tasks with more significant impact, like developing new workflows, writing new articles, or updating old support documents.

Quick answers to basic questions will make your customers happier while helping humans work better and faster.

This way, chatbots help to bring in more revenue and assist in slashing the admin expenses and saving costs.

Handling Capacity

Chatbots are more than just buzzwords for customer service. They can deliver stunning business results while enhancing the customer experience and helping your business grow.

While businesses strive for excellence, there will always be errors and poor experiences that lead to complaints. Unlike a customer agent who can handle only a couple of shoppers at a time, the chatbot can assist no-matter-how-many customers at any given point in time.

This way, customers need not have to wait to get their doubts clarified. Their concerns are sorted out quick, clean, and effectively.

Alternate Sales Channel

Chatbots can act as your online sales agent. It is a flexible way to make customers browse through your products/services showcase without any in-person communication.

Also, chatbots clarify queries by providing relevant content that increases customer satisfaction and, as a result, increases sales via this mod.

Even when the sales agents are unavailable to take calls or respond to messages, those are the times when chatbots come in handy and prevent customers from turning red-faced and leaving the website.

Understanding Customers

Gaining a more objective and comprehensive understanding of your customers can give you valuable insights into possible avenues for increased revenue and growth.

Whenever website visitors communicate with a bot, they don’t only get their doubts answered but also give valuable feedback and information to your brand, which can be amplified to target customers more effectively.

Easy to Set Up

Unlike the mildly popular opinion that chatbots eat up a lot of working hours to set up and need constant monitoring are nothing but just myths.

Chatbots are easy to set up and they take care of most buyer needs after the integration. They also play a vital role in driving better online buying experiences.

As Deloitte says, customers are increasingly demanding instant forms of communication — messaging apps and social media have replaced emails and phone calls — especially in personal life.

Chatbots are operational non-stop, engaging with customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with immediate and impeccable service. In case your eCommerce store or website does not have a chatbot yet, it’s time now.


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