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Agenda for DrupalCon 2014 in Austin, TX

Timothy Diep
May 28, 2014 |

We are very excited to attend our very first DrupalCon event as a company.  We have been working extensively on Drupal products for the past 5 years but never had the chance to partake in this event. Now that DrupalCon is being held in Austin, Texas this June, we look forward to joining in on all the fun and expanding on our expertise in this technology.  Now is the time to get more involved within the Drupal Community.

Proposed Sessions

As the Regional Manager for DCKAP, I plan on attending most of the Drupal Business sessions that are available throughout the week.  This would be a great opportunity for myself to brush up on my skills on how I can make Drupal a better product for my clients. Some sessions that I plan on attending are:

  • Defining and Documenting Successful Drupal Projects
  • A Developer’s Primer to Managing Developers
  • Meeting Marketing Challenges with Automation and Drupal
  • OpenSAAS: Why Drupal is the Perfect Platform For Open Source + SAAS Businesses

What’s New for Drupal

We can’t wait to see what’s new for Drupal 8.  We hear that there are plenty of new modules that are in various stages in Drupal 8, waiting to be launched.  We hope to get the full list of new modules at this event. Information is wealth for the developer community and our technical team will be there to learn all of this, asking questions to pass on to our customers.

Build Our Drupal Network

We would like to meet other developers and decision makers within the Drupal Community.  As we plan our trip from June 1-6, we look forward to meeting as many people as possible.  This includes Drupal Developers, Project Managers, Executives, and people who are new to Drupal.  If you are affiliated with the Drupal Community in any way, I would love to meet you.  We may even connect afterwards at one of the many social events outside of the Drupal conference.  Don’t be a stranger, follow me on Twitter, and say hello.


Much like a good community, sometimes it’s not just about receiving but also about giving back.  With the opportunity to serve as a volunteer, some of DCKAP’s team will be providing a helping hand in giving back to the community.  Look for us in the volunteer t-shirts, providing help in wherever needed.  Some of the events that we are confirmed to help are as followed:

  • Wed 6/4 from 10:30am-11:45am at the Floating Room Monitors
  • Thur 6/5 from 3:15pm-6pm at the Power Strip Brigade

Participate in the DrupalCon Austin Photo Scavenger Hunt

  • Check out 6th Street
  • Eat a breakfast taco
  • See the Container Bar on Rainey Street.
  • Take a picture of the Driskill Hotel.
  • Visit the Alamo Ritz
  • Get a picture of the Frost Bank Tower
  • Have a Longhorn encounter
  • Enjoy the local music scene
  • Take a picture of Congress Avenue with the Texas State Capitol in the frame.
  • Watch the bats come out from under the Congress bridge


As an Elite Yelper, I plan on eating at some of the most popular restaurants in the area.  This trip would not be complete without eating at some of the best barbecue joints, along with listening to good local music.  I have already compiled a list of places to go to on my Yelp Account.  This includes some of the top barbecue joints, bars, steak houses, and anything else that people go hog wild for in the city of Austin, Texas.  If you have any other places in mind, please do let me know.

  • Franklin Barbeque
  • Lamberts Downtown Barbecue
  • Esther’s Follies
  • Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill
  • Hut’s Hamburgers
  • Casino El Camino

DCKAP is a Drupal Development Company with a solid team of about 25 developers. If you would like to schedule a meeting with the DCKAP Team, please email us at or give us a call at 510-796-2525.  Hope to hear from you soon.







Follow me on Twitter @Tim_Diep

During DrupalCon, you can also reach me on my cell at 408-824-0156.

Hope to connect with you soon!

Timothy Diep

Tim Diep is the Customer Success Manager for DCKAP and has been with the company for over 10 years. He manages some of the top clients and ensures that their needs are met. He also coordinates the online and in person events throughout the year. After 10 years of living in the Bay Area, Tim decided to move his family out to Las Vegas where technology events are happening all the time. He is a new father with 2 kids under 2 and is enjoying this new season very much.

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