There are hundreds of smart phones available in the market right now for customers to choose from. But in the last couple of years the growing platform which is being chosen predominantly has been Android. And developing applications for Android has been one of the rapidly growing industries currently.

The applications which are being developed also have to be updated frequently according to the updating operating systems. The following is the history of Android versions which have been released in a chronological order:

  • Android beta
  • Android 1.0
  • Android 1.1
  • Android 1.5 Cupcake
  • Android 1.6 Donut
  • Android 2.0/2.1 Eclair
  • Android 2.2.x Froyo
  • Android 2.3.x Gingerbread
  • Android 3.x Honeycomb
  • Android 4.0.x Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Android 4.1/4.2 Jelly Bean

Java managed Coding platform is an additional advantage for the Android developers and this possibility opens up various infrastructural sophistications. Dalvik is the software which is the base for running the applications on the Android platform. These aspects provide various background services enhancing the flexibility of the platform. This also helps the Android app programmers to develop applications with enhanced Graphical User interface too. The background services make it simple for the users to update their applications without them hindering the active applications.

An Android app developer can utilize these background services and the enhanced GUI as an immense advantage and an application which can utilize these aspects competently can be designed. Developing an application for the Android platform can be a task easier than developing an application for any other platform as accessing the capabilities of a device using Android is also very simple.

There are various other alternate development kits for developing which even an Android game developer can use. Some alternative kits provide development in such a way that coding is not necessary and applications can be developed using drag and drop options. With such advancements for Android app development sprouting every now and then, the expectations for this platform to scale is very high.


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