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AppNation Conference 2013 in San Francisco, CA

By |December 6, 2013No Comments

My name is Tim Diep, and I am a Regional Manager for DCKAP. Here at DCKAP, we were looking for ways to improve on our mobile platform. We had done many fun and interesting apps for both iOS and Android in the past, however we were getting bored with the same traditional app styles. I was looking for a change. Longing for innovation, I found the AppNation conference which was to be held in San Francisco’s Moscone Center. Being only 30 minutes away from DCKAP’s Headquarters, I felt that attending this event was a must. After much research and coordination, I was able to find a free “Full Conference” pass on one of my Mobile Meetups. This was a cost savings of $495!

As I walked around the conference, I would see many different app companies. Almost every single company had something cool to bring to the table. Designs were very catchy, functions were one of a kind, and there was definitely lots of innovation. There was a company by the name of Blippar, which stood out to me. @lucmichalski gave me a short demo of his app. He took a picture of a normal Heinz Ketchup Bottle and made it completely interactive. It popped out some cool visual effects, then launched a mini cookbook recipes using the Heinz Ketchup. There were other products that were interactive as well like a Wheaties box, a Coca Cola can, and a movie ad for Lord of the Rings. This was taking advertisement to a whole another level. You can check them out at

With the Full Conference Pass, I was able to head out to the Break Out Sessions. The session that I had attended was “Emerging Platform Deep Dive: Building Apps & Making Money in the Wearable”. It was lead by Stained Glass Labs’ founder @redgsnodgrass and presented by @shawnhardin, CEO of Mind Pirate. It was an excellent session, discovering which technologies will be the next greatest thing.

I will definitely look forward to attending the next AppNation that makes its way near the bay area. With so many new app ideas, you should look forward to seeing some fresh new apps from DCKAP. Hopefully next year, we will be showcasing some of our own apps. Hope to see you then.

Tim Diep
Regional Manager


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